Collect the things #TESOnline

The Orsinium DLC has some ‘extras’ alongside the zone story and boss fights. One particular activity I really appreciate is the collection of museum artifacts. These Orsimer (a k a orc) treasures are scattered through the zone, so if you’re attentive as you quest around, you’re likely to stumble across them.

Displaying your finds

It’s an optional little extra thing to do while exploring the zone, and after the first little intro quest you’re given a scroll with a list of missing items, so you can easily check if any item you find is wanted by the museum’s curator. I imagine the names of items may give some hints to where they could be located as well.

I’ve found five or so items so far, plenty more to look for. It helps that I’m such a pack rat in this game. Looting all the barrels, sacks and crates as I explore; I’m hoping I won’t miss any of these items in passing.

Item found!

This isn’t my main activity in-game mind, I’m mostly following the story and, if time permits, doing the odd world boss fight as well.

Must .. search .. barrel ..

What was a little side jaunt has become quite a distraction, looks like I’m in Wrothgar til the zone is done, but then sometimes it’s fun to just follow character’s nose wherever that leads him.

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