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MMORPG gaming history, part 2

This post continues my blog journey through all the MMORPGs that I’ve played in the order of when I first tried them. Vanguard, Saga of Heroes, 2012 One of the last boxes that I ever purchased for a MMORPG, I … Continue reading

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My list of gaming grievances

As a reaction post to Belghasts recent post on gaming grievances. Of the nine points listed in this post, three stand out as some of my own worst gripes with MMORPGs, things I’ve written about before but could re-examine in … Continue reading

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Four favourite game series #Blapril2020

Apparently there’s a tweet doing the rounds about five favourite game series, as I read over at Time to Loot’s blog post response. It’s an interesting topic to read about, but not one I can easily answer in the spirit … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online

I read over at Bio Break Syp’s post on his issues with the Elder Scrolls Online combat (e.g. lack of feedback) and that struck a chord. Like all my MMORPGs, I have phases where I am actively playing ESO, usually … Continue reading

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Common monsters in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo 2019

Here’s another in my schedule International Picture Posting Month posts showing off some more of the many screenshots I’ve collected while playing MMORPGs. Kobolds, Dungeons & Dragons Online They may lack candles, but these little lizard rascals are very, very … Continue reading

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Ruins #IntPiPoMo 2019

For this third International Picture Posting Month blogpost, I’ll focus on images of ruins. I’ve always been an amateur history buff, although I’ve never studied history to any great depth, I have always been fascinated by antiquity. Some of my … Continue reading

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Cities in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo2019

For this first installment of screenshots for the 2019 edition of International Picture Posting Month, I’m going to present some of my favourite city views from various MMORPGs. Cities are almost always a major hub or quest giver location in … Continue reading

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Coop-questing update consistency

I’ve play quite a lot of my MMORPG sessions cooperatively, either questing as a duo or a trio. It’s the way I’ve experienced all of my long history with World of Warcraft, and significant chunks of my playtime in Star … Continue reading

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Season of the Dragon #TESOnline

So although I have a current focus on Star Wars the Old Republic, I do still want to keep abreast of other developments in the MMORPG genre. I changed my mobile phone last week for the first time in many … Continue reading

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Lore-nerd temptations

Playing Star Wars the Old Republic I am often tempted to dive into the lore at random moments. There are lore entries to unlock, a feature that I’ve always loved in MMORPGs; whether it is the lore codex entries that … Continue reading

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