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Self-imposed difficulty in MMORPGs

I was reading a post by Naithin at Time to Loot this morning about “Playin’ by new Rules” and it got me thinking about my own rather varied MMORPG gaming history. The post details a community-invented ‘Iron Man’ ruleset that … Continue reading

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Developer Appreciation Week #Blaugust2019

Just to add to this week’s Blaugust posts, I wanted to shout out a couple of content creators that I truly appreciate – although post deliberately goes outside the traditional bounds of the ‘developer’ role associated with games creation. Keith … Continue reading

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Downtime compensation #DDO #LOTRO

A brief article over at MassivelyOP informed me that some in-game compensation awards for Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online are available for all players up until the 30th April. Free stuff is always nice, even … Continue reading

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Masterminds of Sharn coming to DDO

I read over at Massively a little more about the upcoming expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, called “Masterminds of Sharn”. Details are still scarce as of yet, but at least we know that is the title of Update 42. … Continue reading

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Patience with content you do not like

How much patience with content you don’t like in an MMORPG? I’ve a bit of a history of ignoring quests that I dislike. There’s a quest in Dungeons & Dragons Online that I only ever completed once because it was … Continue reading

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Alt switching ease…

…or the lack there of has got me thinking at the moment. My gaming time has been rather limited due to two weekends in a row of visitors. The main thing I have been doing is logging in, as time … Continue reading

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All the news! #mmorpg

It’s been a rarity in recent years for there to be that much MMORPG news to comment on in the blogosphere, new MMO launches have been few and far between compared with the heady days when I started this blog. … Continue reading

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