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MMO gaming news this week

I’ll take this post to cover a trio of news items from this week that affect games I play/have played. Lord of the Rings Online progression server So Standing Stones Games are bringing a progression server out for LOTRO, a … Continue reading

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Pace of play pressures

An MMORPG expansion lays bear a particular problem of the genre, the incessant peer pressure to be pushing forwards as fast as possible. Some games may encourage or demand this more through game systems or update schedules, but I think … Continue reading

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Decorative vs functional housing #EverquestII #Wildstar

A recent post about SWTOR housing over at Going Commando, and subsequent comments, started me thinking about what I look for from player housing in MMORPGs. Most of the blog posts I’ve seen about housing relate to decoration – the … Continue reading

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My gaming history #BlaugustReborn

Belghast has a post up on the “getting to know you” theme of week 2 of Blaugust. I don’t post about myself that often on this blog, it is about gaming more than anything else. In the spirit of Blaugust, … Continue reading

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Taking a small stand against story #WoW #ESO #SWTOR

I’ve read some rumblings about the story direction in Battle for Azeroth, specifically the return (again) to Alliance vs Horde or the “Horde as aggressors” way it’s being portrayed. There’s an article on Massively OP that I found interesting discussing … Continue reading

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What if WoW had…

Although I wasn’t playing gaming over the weekend we did discuss it amongst family as several family members still play World of Warcraft actively. During these discussions certain points came up that, for me, represent baffling gaps in this game’s … Continue reading

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Alt-friendly MMOs and longer-term engagement

In a recent post UltrViolet talks about taking a break from FFXIV, one reason for this being the game’s relative alt-unfriendliness: Normally, in games I really like (such as FFXIV), when I reach the end of a character’s journey, I … Continue reading

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