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Interactive objects in dungeons are great #Blapril2020

I’ve written before about interactive objects in MMORPGs, a feature I wish more games made use of to a greater extent. Dungeons & Dragons Online has so many different ways in which your characters can interact with the environment, whether … Continue reading

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Undoing system changes in MMORPGs

A few random thoughts came together today when I thought of system changes in MMORPGs that I’d most want to undo. System changes in these online, ever progressing games are inevitable as it’s part of the value proposition to players … Continue reading

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Search engines and blogpost popularity

A recent Massively OP post started a discussion about whether Google search rankings relate to or indicate a given game (or MMORPGs) popularity. The comments developed into a bit of a splitting hairs debate about what type of Google search … Continue reading

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A bird maybe…

Tobold has written a post about gaming subscription services that offer so many games that players can “play a different game every day” and thus behave like a butterfly – ever flitting around. The contrasting game style is that of … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a hug (from a wookie) #swtor

I read somewhere, probably on Twitter, that the Life Day festival this year in Star Wars the Old Republic includes an activity I’d not heard about before – wookie hugging. That was enough for me to get a character hyperspacing … Continue reading


Common monsters in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo 2019

Here’s another in my schedule International Picture Posting Month posts showing off some more of the many screenshots I’ve collected while playing MMORPGs. Kobolds, Dungeons & Dragons Online They may lack candles, but these little lizard rascals are very, very … Continue reading

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Warmer climes #IntPiPoMo 2019

This second post in the my planned list of IntPiPoMo thematic posts reflects my utter dislike for the cold weather of late. It’s like the country dove head-first from late summer weather into full on winter overnight. Here’s some slightly … Continue reading

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