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The Foundry to close

I read with some disappointment that Cryptic is closing the Foundry in its various MMORPGs next month. That means I’ll have to take the time to replay my husband’s missions in Neverwinter one more time. It is really sad to … Continue reading

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Alt switching ease…

…or the lack there of has got me thinking at the moment. My gaming time has been rather limited due to two weekends in a row of visitors. The main thing I have been doing is logging in, as time … Continue reading

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Favourite mmorpg alts #IntPiPoMo2018

This latest post in the IntPiPoMo series for 2018 is showcasing my love of alt characters in various games, I have normally a main character that I play for the bulk of any time that I’m active in-game. However, one … Continue reading

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An intro about intros #IntPiPoMo2018

For my first post in this year’s IntPiPoMo series, I thought I’d look at intros to games specifically – a first post about first plays if you will. Not all MMORPGs pitch the start of the game in the same … Continue reading

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Inconsistent coop in Barovia @NeverwinterGame

Playing Neverwinter this last week or so I’ve become aware of, and increasingly annoyed by, the inconsistencies in the coop gameplay experience. In order to reach the latest Ravenloft module we played a chunk of the Elemental Evil campaign to … Continue reading

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Catch-up mechanisms

Playing Neverwinter, and specifically the new(ish) Module 14  (Ravenloft), I’ve been given a different perspective on catchup mechanisms both within this game and beyond. A previous attempt to return to Neverwinter for solo play before Module 14 was launched saw … Continue reading

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A fiery welcome back to Neverwinter

My husband and I decided to log back into Neverwinter today, we’re running low on meaningful things to do as a pair in World of Warcraft at the moment and are playing enough of the latter with other friends anyway. … Continue reading

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