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Catch-up mechanisms

Playing Neverwinter, and specifically the new(ish) Module 14  (Ravenloft), I’ve been given a different perspective on catchup mechanisms both within this game and beyond. A previous attempt to return to Neverwinter for solo play before Module 14 was launched saw … Continue reading

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A fiery welcome back to Neverwinter

My husband and I decided to log back into Neverwinter today, we’re running low on meaningful things to do as a pair in World of Warcraft at the moment and are playing enough of the latter with other friends anyway. … Continue reading

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Levelling gear vs finding new gear #Warcraft #Lotro #NeverwinterGame

A post over at Endgame Viable has me thinking this morning about gearing in MMORPGs. The post is a summary of UltrViolet’s experiences in Battle for Azeroth, but there’s a particular phrase that inspired this post: [Azerite gear] just seems … Continue reading

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My gaming history #BlaugustReborn

Belghast has a post up on the “getting to know you” theme of week 2 of Blaugust. I don’t post about myself that often on this blog, it is about gaming more than anything else. In the spirit of Blaugust, … Continue reading

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What if WoW had…

Although I wasn’t playing gaming over the weekend we did discuss it amongst family as several family members still play World of Warcraft actively. During these discussions certain points came up that, for me, represent baffling gaps in this game’s … Continue reading

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F2P and what I’ll pay for #ESO #NWPC #SWL #SWTOR

Tobold has an interesting post up about free to play models and a Downton Abbey inspired classification of players as ‘masters’ or ‘servants’ (those paying for service(s), and those providing the service(s)). As is noted by comments on the post, … Continue reading

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MMORPG user interface standards

Last weekend I was running some tabletop gaming using Fantasy Grounds 2, and I was reminded just how quirky the user interface is. This virtual tabletop software re-invents a lot of controls and concepts that are already well established for … Continue reading

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