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I like new classes (and I cannot lie)

I’m a fan of having new classes to play in gaming, there isn’t such a thing as too many options in my opinion. It means I reactively disagree with statements like “we have enough classes already” when discussing MMORPGs – … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With You! #SWTOR #HappyStarWarsDay

I’ve seen a few messages on social media platforms to remind me that it’s May 4th and “Star Wars Day”. I’m enjoying my recent return to the Galaxy Far Far Away in SWTOR, so it’s well timed!

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Missed updates and EQ2

So I read over at Inventory Full that Overseer Season 3 had arrived, something I’d missed completely at the time. This means new quests and more potential gear rewards. My characters still need a lot of gearing up as I’ve … Continue reading

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Appreciating whimsy

Playing some more Skylanders, specifically the Sheep Wreck Island adventure pack, I was struck by how much I appreciate some playful humour. Sheep are a constant source of humour in the Skylanders series – they are portrayed both as sinister … Continue reading

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Starting a new SWTOR character in 2021

I’ve played a good amount of Star Wars the Old Republic, though not so much of late. I started playing way back in beta before the game launched. Since then I’ve played in blocks of varying lengths of time (from … Continue reading

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Mobile gaming and auto battlers #Skylanders

I find myself suddenly, for the first time in many, many years, playing games on more than just my desktop PC. PC gaming has dominated my computer gaming hobby ever since I first bought a 386SX computer back in 1992. … Continue reading

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Buying every character slot #MMORPG #Skylanders

Husband and I have been playing a good amount of Skylanders, a series of console games where the playable characters are also collectable figures. The urge to play more characters is ever-present, and it is somewhat like having alts in … Continue reading

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April Fools in Tamriel

I’ve not written about April Fools’ for a rather long time – that shows how little I care for the real world day. It happens that I found myself playing Elder Scrolls Online again this year, though I only managed … Continue reading

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Single-try dungeon challenges in MMORPGs

It’s a rarity in modern MMORPG gaming to face a challenge that you can’t retry. In single player RPGs there may be consequences for failure in fighting a boss or other encounter, though with save games such consequences are usually … Continue reading

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Competition and quest objectives #WorldofWarcraft

Roger of Contains Moderate Peril has a post about Need vs Greed. He contemplates whether loot should go the way of gathering nodes, and be given to all characters in group content. Reading the post reminded me of a frequent … Continue reading

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