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Preparing for Shadowlands in World of Warcraft

Things are ticking along in Azeroth (Retail) as we march into summer and the slow build-up to the next expansion, Shadowlands. As I’ve written before there are various little projects I want to wrap-up before then, here’s an update. Emissary … Continue reading

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A good haul #EQ2

Time is so limited at the moment, work is busy and after months of forced inaction things are slowly starting to progress on the whole moving country thing. Gaming as a result isn’t much of a priority, more’s the pity … Continue reading

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Druid is all the rage it seems #WoWClassic

It seems both what I write or read about with regards to World of Warcraft at the moment is about the Druid class. I guess it’s no surprise as its a popular class that has a lot of flexibility, it … Continue reading

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Pride, COVID and patchwork bunnies

Today would have been the Pride in London event though, like so many events over the last few months, it was cancelled due to the COVID lockdown restrictions. My husband and I have gone through various stages over our many … Continue reading

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Some random WoW Classic screenshots

Today I’m just posting some WoW Classic screenshots from recent sessions, work has been intense and I’m rather exhausted by the heat wave hitting the country so I’ll let my pictures do the talking…

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Where does your MMORPG character call home?

What guides you in giving your MMORPG characters a home? Is it just a practical choice of convenience or whereever their hearthstone/recall/return ability is currently bound to? Or is there a more sentimental or character-driven reasoning behind such a choice? … Continue reading

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Voice and Video chat in online gaming

I’ve just read the post by Wilhelm about Discord and other voice platforms. I play MMORPGs and (virtual) tabletop gaming with a set of different overlapping groups of friends and family members. For the most part I game with a … Continue reading

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Finally bear has clicked #WorldofWarcraft

I’ve never been a fan of the Feral druid spec in World of Warcraft, it’s melee, it uses the rage mechanic which I really have never gotten on with, and I prefer my druids with feathers or bark. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Early-bird gaming #EQ2

If asked, I would have been hard pressed to answer how forced working from home had impacted my gaming habits. I have been playing the same games these last three months, in roughly the same proportions as usual. I still … Continue reading

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Overlapping daily gameplay #EQ2

My current gaming-relaxation routine involves logging into Everquest 2 to do a few interrelated activities. I sort my two main characters Overseer mission completions and then set off a new batch between them. I’ve also finally started doing the daily … Continue reading

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