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Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019

Gaming time has been a bit restricted of late, but I have been regularly logging into Everquest 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic – mostly it has to be said to do dailies. In the former game I’ve no … Continue reading

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Joy in the moments 2019 #blaugust

We’re entering the Developer Appreciation Week segment of Blaugust 2019 as of today. Part of Blaugust this year for me is to do updates on posts I’ve done in previous years. Last year I posted about taking joy in the … Continue reading

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The joy of movement abilities #swtor

I’ve posted before about how much I love having useful movement abilities in MMORPGs. I’m particularly fond of the ‘warrior charge’ style closer ability to get you into combat quickly: it helps to keep me in pace with a group … Continue reading

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Why I write #blaugust2019

As part of “Getting to know you week” in Blaugust I see people are posting about “why I write”. Before starting this post myself I followed a chain of a post that linked to another post: reading other blog posts … Continue reading

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Topic brainstorming #Blaugust2019

We’ve just started Topic Brainstorming week for this 2019 edition of Blaugust. I posted a couple of posts on this very topic last year. Looking at what I wrote last year, I’m still very much following the model of blogging … Continue reading

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About this blog 2019 edition #Blaugust2019

A brief updated “about this blog” post seems apt for this preparatory week for the Blaugust 2019 event. My blog hasn’t changed as much as some other bloggers, in name for instance. It started as, and remains, Gaming sans frontières … Continue reading

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Choosing favourites among dailies #swtor

I’m back in Star Wars the Old Republic at the moment and back into running some dailies on my Jedi Shadow tank. I did pop to see Dantooine for the first time, though there’s no pirate event running to take … Continue reading

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