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MMORPG gaming history, part 2

This post continues my blog journey through all the MMORPGs that I’ve played in the order of when I first tried them. Vanguard, Saga of Heroes, 2012 One of the last boxes that I ever purchased for a MMORPG, I … Continue reading

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Mending a broken heart #EQ2

I noticed on Twitter that there was an extension to the 2021 Erollisi Day through to the end of the week. This was a fortuitous reminder, I’d missed this event as I was too busy with work and offline activities … Continue reading

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MMORPG gaming history, part 1

I noticed via Twitter that some MMORPG players were tweeting lists of the games in the genre they had “ever played (even for just for like a day)”. Belghast has done a blog post on the same topic, with a … Continue reading

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Revisiting old games

After some rather early spring cleaning last weekend, we rediscovered our very dusty stash of Skylanders figures. Surprisingly, I’ve only mentioned this game once in all these years of blogging. The blog turned ten this week (on Monday 8th), though … Continue reading

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Is Shadowlands a bit of slog?

We did our first Mythic (0) dungeon run yesterday, and it felt like a bit of a slog. To start with we tried Theatre of Pain, but gave up on the second boss. Up until that point the dungeon went … Continue reading

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Lashunta espionage defences #Starfinder

The leading elite lashunta of Castrovel have many reasons to be security conscious: although all out war between the city-states of their people is long in the past, business and political cold war remains a threat to anyone with power … Continue reading

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A grab-bag post

I’m buried under work at the busiest time of the calendar for my current job, lots of overtime and feeling too exhausted after work to do anything but relax away from the gaming chair and any type of screen. The … Continue reading

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Playing with anima powers #WorldofWarcraft

As a direct follow-up to my last post, we had some really fun and interesting anima power combos on a Torghast run yesterday. There are no doubt ‘balancing’ issues with some of these, and I do wonder if nerfs will … Continue reading

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Torghast zaniness #WorldofWarcraft

Some of the anima powers have some very interesting effects on the nature of running Torghast. We’re still delving into the tower casually, either as a duo or a group of four. The highest level I’ve seen is a level … Continue reading

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Free mount #SWTOR

I read just now (Sunday evening) over at Massively that there’s a promotional event this weekend in Star Wars the Old Republic: to grab a free inspired by the Star Wars Squadrons game. I’ve not played the latter, and am … Continue reading

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