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Good or bad expansions, and theme

There’s been quite a discussion around the subjective topic of good or bad expansions recently, so far, on my limited catch-up on this via the blogs in my feed; I’ve not seen the topic of theme added into the mix … Continue reading

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Unexpected AFK

I’ve come down with a rather sudden bout of flu, and find myself unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes on anything, so regretfully there’ll be no new blog-post until the weekend I would imagine. Happy gaming in … Continue reading

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Sharing the love of Erollisi

Bhagpuss’ post from a few days ago alerted me to something new and interesting going on in Everquest 2 for this year’s Erollisi Festival (goddess of love). The post features a picture of the exceedingly cute plushie familiar, a baby … Continue reading

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Anthem and industry trends

I read over at Inventory Full about Bhagpuss’ reasons for not trying Anthem, Bioware’s answer to the MMOFPS sub-genre. In Anthem you play a battle-suit wearing hero flying and diving around zones to complete missions, mostly in a small team. … Continue reading

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Faction war and story agency

I was just writing a comment over at Superior Realities and I felt the need to expand on it somewhat here. The post on returning to Star Wars the Old Republic has evoked some discussion around the merits of the … Continue reading

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Running the Esseles in 2019

Wanting to finally get some group content done in Star Wars the Old Republic, I elected to queue for the Esseles on my baby Smuggler. I’ve been leveling him a bit since playing more SWTOR – one advantage of focusing … Continue reading

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Varying quality of rpg session podcasts

Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril posted about varying quality of You Tube videos, with a focus on instructional videos about games-related content. It’s certainly an issue I’ve come across myself, searching for a video to show how to do … Continue reading

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