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Voice and Video chat in online gaming

I’ve just read the post by Wilhelm about Discord and other voice platforms. I play MMORPGs and (virtual) tabletop gaming with a set of different overlapping groups of friends and family members. For the most part I game with a … Continue reading

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Gaming tools and reference websites

Belghast has a blog post up about the creation of a Gaming Tools menu on his blog. The post shows some examples of this organisation and the list of websites that count as tools in this case. The games used … Continue reading

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Second adventure published #DnD #Eberron

I’m very happy to announce that my second Dungeons & Dragons adventure is now published on the DMs Guild website: Whispering Shadows. This is the sequel to my shorter introductory adventure, Chasing Shadows. In constrast to the cross-country chase of … Continue reading

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Watching RPG streams

I have a somewhat mixed relationship with gaming streams at the moment. On the one hand, having a recorded video of a virtual tabletop RPG session on can be a great mood-setter when I’m writing. It can really help as … Continue reading

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Blapril Developer/Creator Appreciation Week #Blapril2020

As with Blaugust last year, this year’s Blapril event has a Developer/Creator Appreciation Week themed week. Today’s the last day of said week, but I’m just in time to get my post in on this topic. There are so many … Continue reading

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Highs and lows #Blapril2020

We live in very strange times. I mostly keep my blog impersonal and light in tone for the reason that I prefer to read positive and entertaining blog posts, but its hard to ignore the reality of the COVID-19 situation … Continue reading

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Podcasts & Youtubers I follow regularly #Blapril2020

I’ve written before about the Podcasts that I try to listen to regularly, mainly relating to tabletop roleplaying games. Those mentioned in the linked post still stand, though I’d add a few new podcasts that I find particularly enjoyable. We … Continue reading

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Digitial roleplay product alternatives

Today is one week since we should have flown off for a 11 day holiday in Canada. Since I’ve had to stay at home and have continued working, I am trying to invest more free time in rpg writing. I’ve … Continue reading

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My virtual tabletop gaming tips

I’m starting to see discussions online about replacing, short-term at least, round the table roleplaying (rpg) sessions with virtual ones. It’s a sad reality that “social distancing” is becoming a necessity in many countries, and that will inevitably impact the … Continue reading

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Baldur’s Gate 3 cinematic trailer

I watched the Baldur’s Gate 3 cinematic trailer yesterday for the first time and I was very positively surprised! After the initial teaser trailer with its illithid-related body horror focus, I was feeling not so positive about the game. I’m … Continue reading

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