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Starships and the Drift in #Starfinder

Drift travel in the Starfinder RPG involves planar travel through the technological transposition of the starship between normal space and the ever-shifting plane of the Drift. It’s characteristics and the function of the literally divine-inspired Drift engine technology remain only … Continue reading

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Sunday thoughts #DnD #Gloomhaven

I’ve managed absolutely no MMORPG gaming this whole week: a combination of factors conspiring to keep me away from the hobby. Firstly we, unusually, were out socially two evenings in one week, a first for at least two years because … Continue reading

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Of testing, deadlines and VTTs

Although I’ve never worked as a MMORPG or other games developer, I have some personal experience of creating pen and paper D&D modules. This has only been for self-publishing on the DMs Guild, with me doing the majority of the … Continue reading

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Old stories… #Blaugust2021

This is my first post for the Blaugust 2021 blogging event, scheduled in advance since I’m away this weekend. I was listening just before the weekend to the latest episode of the DM of None podcast, an always entertaining and … Continue reading

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Writing and gaming update

As we close in on the end of July, I’ll take a moment to write about what I’ve been up to this month. My first priority, other than working a lot, has been to do as much writing for my … Continue reading

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Different approaches to using an IP and Magic the Gathering

I just read over at Contains Moderate Peril that Magic: Legends is to close on 31 October 2021, so before it even comes out of beta testing. The official website has the article and FAQ to spell out the details … Continue reading

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Gaming update – June 2021

I’m in a real MMORPG lull at the moment for various reasons. We’ve been on a World of Warcraft break for well over a month now, although 9.1 has a launch date looming, I’m in no big hurry to return … Continue reading

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Seeing MMORPG inspiration in other games

We’ve been playing a good amount of Gloomhaven this last week, partly because Star Wars the Old Republic had issues that kept us from playing two nights in a row. In Gloomhaven we’re busy chasing the achievements to unlock new … Continue reading

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I like new classes (and I cannot lie)

I’m a fan of having new classes to play in gaming, there isn’t such a thing as too many options in my opinion. It means I reactively disagree with statements like “we have enough classes already” when discussing MMORPGs – … Continue reading

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Azeroth’s lack of pantheon

Belghast has a rather interesting post up about the lack of defined pantheistic religion in World of Warcraft. The few religious figures that are in the game are either very abstract, such as “the Light”, or rather niche such as … Continue reading

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