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Sailing the seas (in MMOs) #IntPiPoMo2018

This is a schedule post so please allow for a delay in any replies to comments. As I set off to sail around sunny islands in real life, I was reminded of the joy of ship travel in MMORPGs. I … Continue reading

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The thought of starting fresh in a MMO

I read Chestnut’s recent post about starting fresh in The Secret World with interest and a good measure of respect. Starting over in that game in particular is a major task as the game’s mechanics allow for so much ‘horizontal’ … Continue reading

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When coming back is no longer an option

I wrote recently about the my dilemma over whether to return to Vanguard before it is shutdown this summer. In the same post’s comments I noted that the patcher won’t update on my install anymore, it’s too out-of-date now. Returning … Continue reading

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MMO loss and playing it safe

I play MMOs for a number of reasons , although principally for the multiplayer-world aspect and the fact that their content and features (usually) expand over time. To date I’ve not personally suffered the loss of a MMO shutting down … Continue reading

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SoE: MMO killing spree!

So the news broke yesterday (Massively link) that Sony Online Entertainment (home of Everquest, Planetside etc) will be shutting down four of its less popular MMOs. That’s pretty awful news for fans of the titles (Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, … Continue reading

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Loading screens and zone borders

Playing World of Warcraft again I have been reminded that the game world is remarkably free of loading screens compared to newer games. Naturally I’m not talking about instanced dungeons or raids here, I mean the actual world of Azeroth. … Continue reading

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My subscriptions history

I’ve generally had the “only one subscription at a time” rule for my MMORPG gaming. Not necessarily because I would resent paying for more than one, but to prevent me getting carried away and suddenly finding myself subbed to six … Continue reading

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EQ Next: excited? there’s a bit of a catch…

The excitement levels are ramping up for Everquest Next, Massively has a less than scientific poll about how excited people are for this upcoming sandboxy MMO by Sony Online Entertainment (SoE). The game will be previewed for the first time … Continue reading

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Playing on servers in another region

Is it common to play games on a service / server outside of your region? I should qualify this question with “where there is the same or similar gaming service available with a different company in your region”, but that would … Continue reading

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Questing efficiency

I recently dipped a toe into Eden Eternal on a friend’s recommendation. It’s a super-sugary fantasy MMO with a pretty flexible class system in a Final Fantasy ‘job’ manner. The thing I’ve noticed most however is what I would call … Continue reading

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