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Crafting timeline in Luclin #EQ2

Playing through the tradeskill quest timeline in Everquest 2’s Luclin expansion, I’ve been struck by all the little details that add such richness to the experience. These crafting quests offer the perfect antidote to the MMORPGs obsession with “kill X … Continue reading

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Strategic alt choices

As always happens when I’m deep into a particular MMORPG, the temptation to create “just one more alt” reared its ugly head recently. I was watching my husband make his new vulpera character in World of Warcraft, whilst also switching … Continue reading

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Keeping a balance between MMORPGs

As my current WoW Token (World of Warcraft’s virtual item for a month of game time) comes close to its expiry, I’ve become aware of just how much WoW (Retail & Classic) has been dominating my free time since returning … Continue reading

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Search engines and blogpost popularity

A recent Massively OP post started a discussion about whether Google search rankings relate to or indicate a given game (or MMORPGs) popularity. The comments developed into a bit of a splitting hairs debate about what type of Google search … Continue reading

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Combat pace and progression blocks

Roger wrote on the Contains Moderate Peril blog about “The Pace of Combat“: both on how it can affect enjoyment of a game when it varies, and how expansions in older MMOs mess with this via gear resets. Although I’m … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (and new decade)!

So it’s 2020 and a new decade. Happy New Year, and happy 2020s! Allusions to the roaring 20s aside (anyone who knows history, knows how that ended), I’m feeling more hopeful about the coming year in real life than I … Continue reading

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A bird maybe…

Tobold has written a post about gaming subscription services that offer so many games that players can “play a different game every day” and thus behave like a butterfly – ever flitting around. The contrasting game style is that of … Continue reading

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