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Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019

Gaming time has been a bit restricted of late, but I have been regularly logging into Everquest 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic – mostly it has to be said to do dailies. In the former game I’ve no … Continue reading

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Joy in the moments 2019 #blaugust

We’re entering the Developer Appreciation Week segment of Blaugust 2019 as of today. Part of Blaugust this year for me is to do updates on posts I’ve done in previous years. Last year I posted about taking joy in the … Continue reading

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The MMORPGs I have been playing

Although I took a break from posting about MMORPGs for a couple of months, I have been playing them nonetheless. I continue to play a couple of different games to fill different needs and play schedules. World of Warcraft Friends … Continue reading

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I want more rpg in my online games, not less

Recent news about proposed future developments for mmorpg’s and online games (mmo-likes) that I play with some regularity have brought me back out of hiatus. These show games moving in opposite directions on the simple-complex axis of rpg mechanics.  This … Continue reading

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A different experience of nostalgia

Bhagpuss has a post ruminating on attracting old players back to MMORPGs; while it’s mostly focused on the particular challenges facing Guild Wars 2 in this regard, there’s some discussion of other games in the genre also. It made me … Continue reading

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When tech gets in the way

I was reminded on Monday of how much my gaming relies on technology these-days and how that technology can, at times, be quite the hindrance. I ran another session of Dungeons & Dragons 5E for family members via Fantasy Grounds … Continue reading

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Level 10 so far #Kaladim

In my first couple of sessions I managed to reach level 10 on my new Templar on the Kaladim TLE server for Everquest 2. My character concept was going to be a Wood Elf Templar playing through Greater Feydark, but … Continue reading

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