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A different experience of nostalgia

Bhagpuss has a post ruminating on attracting old players back to MMORPGs; while it’s mostly focused on the particular challenges facing Guild Wars 2 in this regard, there’s some discussion of other games in the genre also. It made me … Continue reading

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When tech gets in the way

I was reminded on Monday of how much my gaming relies on technology these-days and how that technology can, at times, be quite the hindrance. I ran another session of Dungeons & Dragons 5E for family members via Fantasy Grounds … Continue reading

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Level 10 so far #Kaladim

In my first couple of sessions I managed to reach level 10 on my new Templar on the Kaladim TLE server for Everquest 2. My character concept was going to be a Wood Elf Templar playing through Greater Feydark, but … Continue reading

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Filling a gap #EQ2

With the loss of the Foundry, there are yet fewer MMO homes for players that focus on user-generated adventures, Syp has joined in on the criticism of this loss. Thinking about this again I was struck by a rather fantastical … Continue reading

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Kaladim beckons #EQ2

So the newest progression server, Kaladim, launches this coming Saturday (16th). I’m off a mind to start a character there just to join in the initial levelling hype. The promised changes to itemisation to make it more like the original … Continue reading

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Past thunder and flame #EQ2

I’ve continued to make good progress in the Planes of Prophecy expansion, I’m on chapter 7 of 9 now. Having cleared the Plane of Disease with my Shadowknight and his mastery of all things noxious, I stormed through the Bastion … Continue reading

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Progress at last #EQ2

All the interesting discussions of late in the MMO blogosphere and gaming news stories have kept me away from blogging about what I’m actually playing at the moment – namely Everquest 2. I’ve made great strides in EQ 2’s current … Continue reading

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