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Keyboard vs mouse

I’ve written in the past about MMORPG user interfaces and their complexity. However easy we as gamers might think these games are to play, if you can get an external perspective, as I have playing World of Warcraft with elderly … Continue reading

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My list of gaming grievances

As a reaction post to Belghasts recent post on gaming grievances. Of the nine points listed in this post, three stand out as some of my own worst gripes with MMORPGs, things I’ve written about before but could re-examine in … Continue reading

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A good haul #EQ2

Time is so limited at the moment, work is busy and after months of forced inaction things are slowly starting to progress on the whole moving country thing. Gaming as a result isn’t much of a priority, more’s the pity … Continue reading

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Pride, COVID and patchwork bunnies

Today would have been the Pride in London event though, like so many events over the last few months, it was cancelled due to the COVID lockdown restrictions. My husband and I have gone through various stages over our many … Continue reading

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Where does your MMORPG character call home?

What guides you in giving your MMORPG characters a home? Is it just a practical choice of convenience or whereever their hearthstone/recall/return ability is currently bound to? Or is there a more sentimental or character-driven reasoning behind such a choice? … Continue reading

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Early-bird gaming #EQ2

If asked, I would have been hard pressed to answer how forced working from home had impacted my gaming habits. I have been playing the same games these last three months, in roughly the same proportions as usual. I still … Continue reading

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Overlapping daily gameplay #EQ2

My current gaming-relaxation routine involves logging into Everquest 2 to do a few interrelated activities. I sort my two main characters Overseer mission completions and then set off a new batch between them. I’ve also finally started doing the daily … Continue reading

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Gaming tools and reference websites

Belghast has a blog post up about the creation of a Gaming Tools menu on his blog. The post shows some examples of this organisation and the list of websites that count as tools in this case. The games used … Continue reading

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That doh moment (MMO UI edition)

The archetypal doh moment for me, specifically relating to MMORPG user interfaces, was from World of Warcraft. It was around the Cataclysm time I think, we’d been playing for years at that point and either my husband or I complained … Continue reading

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Gathering gameplay #EQ2 #WoWClassic

My gaming time has been really restricted over the last half-week. I’m writing furiously to finish my next D&D module for publication. However, I have been logging into Evequest 2 every day to sort Overseer missions, and to sometimes do … Continue reading

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