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Sentimental character actions

Some days, when I have other gaming plans, I log into Everquest 2 for a really short session just to check on Overseer missions, check my broker sales, the usual character ‘admin’ type stuff. But I rarely if ever forget … Continue reading

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Gaming in troubling times

I should have been writing an ‘AFK’ post today. I had planned to return to Canada for another holiday and reccy of the potential future move there. But Corona virus has put a sudden and absolute stop to a lot … Continue reading

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Conjured food and drink

Although I’m sure it doesn’t taste that great, and the lack of variety could get on my modern-sensibility nerves, in MMORPGs I do enjoy playing with classes and items that can conjure food and/or drink. I suppose it’s less of … Continue reading

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Environmental challenges in MMORPGs

I’ve been reading about environmental challenges in tabletop roleplaying games and started thinking what examples I could come up with from this genre. I’m talking here of ways in which a combat encounter or character’s progress can be made more … Continue reading

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Friendliness vs isolating mechanics in MMORPGs

How welcome are other player characters when you’re out and questing? Do you ever chip in to help fight or heal a stranger when out in the field? These are the questions I’m writing about in this blog post. I … Continue reading

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Crafting timeline in Luclin #EQ2

Playing through the tradeskill quest timeline in Everquest 2’s Luclin expansion, I’ve been struck by all the little details that add such richness to the experience. These crafting quests offer the perfect antidote to the MMORPGs obsession with “kill X … Continue reading

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Strategic alt choices

As always happens when I’m deep into a particular MMORPG, the temptation to create “just one more alt” reared its ugly head recently. I was watching my husband make his new vulpera character in World of Warcraft, whilst also switching … Continue reading

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