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All the Dungeons & Dragons news

There was a flurry of Dungeons & Dragons news last week (see summary), it came out just as I was ramping up to a frantic week of work so I was kind of distracted from absorbing any of it … Continue reading

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Adaptations in TTRPGs

Thinking back to what I wrote about adapting to a dual-stick controller previously, I was reminded of several examples of adaptation in another gaming context: tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve also written before about the forever nature of roleplaying rulesets and … Continue reading

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Adding replay value

Do MMORPG designers miss a trick when it comes to replay value? Computer RPG gaming (of the single-player kind), such as Jedi: Fallen Order, usually have some ways to encourage a replay: there are varied ways of building your character … Continue reading

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Sunday thoughts #DnD #Gloomhaven

I’ve managed absolutely no MMORPG gaming this whole week: a combination of factors conspiring to keep me away from the hobby. Firstly we, unusually, were out socially two evenings in one week, a first for at least two years because … Continue reading

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Old stories… #Blaugust2021

This is my first post for the Blaugust 2021 blogging event, scheduled in advance since I’m away this weekend. I was listening just before the weekend to the latest episode of the DM of None podcast, an always entertaining and … Continue reading

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Writing and gaming update

As we close in on the end of July, I’ll take a moment to write about what I’ve been up to this month. My first priority, other than working a lot, has been to do as much writing for my … Continue reading

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Different approaches to using an IP and Magic the Gathering

I just read over at Contains Moderate Peril that Magic: Legends is to close on 31 October 2021, so before it even comes out of beta testing. The official website has the article and FAQ to spell out the details … Continue reading

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Gaming update – June 2021

I’m in a real MMORPG lull at the moment for various reasons. We’ve been on a World of Warcraft break for well over a month now, although 9.1 has a launch date looming, I’m in no big hurry to return … Continue reading

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Seeing MMORPG inspiration in other games

We’ve been playing a good amount of Gloomhaven this last week, partly because Star Wars the Old Republic had issues that kept us from playing two nights in a row. In Gloomhaven we’re busy chasing the achievements to unlock new … Continue reading

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I like new classes (and I cannot lie)

I’m a fan of having new classes to play in gaming, there isn’t such a thing as too many options in my opinion. It means I reactively disagree with statements like “we have enough classes already” when discussing MMORPGs – … Continue reading

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