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RPGWriterWorkshop priorities

Alongside IntPiPoMo I’ve also spent all of November writing for an e-course that I’ve been taking: RPG Writer Workshop. I’ve been writing my own tabletop rpg adventures, and adapting published ones, for thirty years now but never with an aim … Continue reading

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My take on player factions for Eberron

In working on a couple of adventures that I hope to publish soon ™ on the DMs Guild website, and in doing so I’ve been searching for an Eberron specific equivalent of the player factions that characters in Forgotten Realms … Continue reading

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d20 rules comparison: 3.5, 5E and Starfinder

As a GM and player I find myself regularly switching between three different rulesets as time schedules and availability dictate. That can lead to a certain amount of confusion over roleplaying game rulesets that are similar but not 100% identical. … Continue reading

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When tech gets in the way

I was reminded on Monday of how much my gaming relies on technology these-days and how that technology can, at times, be quite the hindrance. I ran another session of Dungeons & Dragons 5E for family members via Fantasy Grounds … Continue reading

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Varying quality of rpg session podcasts

Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril posted about varying quality of You Tube videos, with a focus on instructional videos about games-related content. It’s certainly an issue I’ve come across myself, searching for a video to show how to do … Continue reading

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Tangible gaming

Over the course of this week I’ve done almost no MMORPG gaming, but I’ve been lucky enough to do a good amount of other gaming. We’ve played two different rpg sessions in the room with friends or family (Starfinder & … Continue reading

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Virtual and physical rpg gaming

Recently we had that rare opportunity to sit down and do some tabletop roleplaying in person. Such events vary greatly in frequency but, with my longest running D&D (3.5) campaign that started back in 2006, it’s never that frequent. 2018 … Continue reading

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