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Gaming connections

A few random thoughts that have happened this last week: I was reading an article over at PCGamerN about gaming’s rising popularity amongst older people (the article states this as 50+). The reference that smart-phone gaming is behind this may … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (and new decade)!

So it’s 2020 and a new decade. Happy New Year, and happy 2020s! Allusions to the roaring 20s aside (anyone who knows history, knows how that ended), I’m feeling more hopeful about the coming year in real life than I … Continue reading

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Holiday gaming (offline)

Christmas is a time for gaming in my family. Whether it’s board games, card games, quizzes or even the odd hour or so of computer gaming. From the perspective of this blog I’ve very little time, admittedly, for MMORPG play. … Continue reading

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Achievement unlocked: first adventure published! #DnD #Eberron

As I’ve mentioned briefly elsewhere on social media, and although it’s rather off-topic for this blog; I’ll post just the once here for posterity that I successfully completed the RPG Writer Workshop online course that I’d taken. The end result … Continue reading

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RPGWriterWorkshop priorities

Alongside IntPiPoMo I’ve also spent all of November writing for an e-course that I’ve been taking: RPG Writer Workshop. I’ve been writing my own tabletop rpg adventures, and adapting published ones, for thirty years now but never with an aim … Continue reading

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My take on player factions for Eberron

In working on a couple of adventures that I hope to publish soon ™ on the DMs Guild website, and in doing so I’ve been searching for an Eberron specific equivalent of the player factions that characters in Forgotten Realms … Continue reading

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d20 rules comparison: 3.5, 5E and Starfinder

As a GM and player I find myself regularly switching between three different rulesets as time schedules and availability dictate. That can lead to a certain amount of confusion over roleplaying game rulesets that are similar but not 100% identical. … Continue reading

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