Wrothgar is so pretty! #TESOnline

Looking at my quest log in Elder Scrolls Online at the start of my last play I noticed that I actually had the starter quest for the Orsinium DLC pack – it had popped up when I first logged in after subscribing earlier in the summer and I’d clicked to get rid of the bothersome NPC without paying much attention. So, feeling like something different for a change, I hopped back to Davon’s Watch to talk to the relevant NPC in order to hitch a ride to the orcish homeland of Wrothgar.

Ok, so Orsinium is pretty big and impressive. Orcs go large or go home it seems.

Channeling Discworld Noir it seems…

After wandering about the city for a bit hoovering up quests, I did what all good Elder Scrolls players does – I wandered off to do some gathering and find some trouble.

That’s when I noticed that everyone in map chat is busy talking in code: +ogre and the like. It turned out there was an Orsinium-themed event going on, with double rewards on daily quests. Seems that includes world bosses out and about the zone of Wrothgar, so I duly joined in, almost died a couple of times but came out of a pretty frantic melee with some loot. World bosses are always fun, having a load of them in the current zone I’m questing through is a major benefit, if somewhat distracting.

Speaking of distractions, the zone itself is so pretty, the need to take screenshots every few minutes is also rather distracting. I love me some mountains, and Wrothgar’s peaks are pretty impressive.


Despite my argonian being a member of the Dragonheart Pact, the orcs are pretty welcoming. That’s a good thing because the ogres are hostile and even the environment is out for my character!

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