Tidying up Legion #WorldofWarcraft

This last week before the expansion launch has mostly been bits and bobs in World of Warcraft. Priority has been running the Argus world quests and any emissaries based there to try to get the reputation for the Alliance allied races – still not there I’m afraid, despite having both Horde races already unlocked (/sadface).

Boomkin in a Draenai-mech

We’ve also done a few world quests in Dark Shore just to get some gear rewards, replacing that artifact weapon we’ve been empowering for so long, with the first random weapon we find…

Yay for healer Pally with shield again!

Otherwise we’ve also done a couple of hidden achievements – kind of like quest chains but without the obvious trail to follow. Lots of wiki following as these are not anything like Secret Worlds puzzle missions, these are hard-core tasks that I would suggest are impossible to work out without series lore-expertise and crowd-sourcing answers.

Ok, now that is weird

We’re working on a second one at the moment, we did the Lucid Nightmare and Kosumoth the Hungering earlier in the week. Now we’re working on the Uuna chain, which I have to say has taken us to some lovely, if out there locations.

All in all a fun distraction from the impending reset of everything gameplay-wise that comes with expansion launch this Tuesday.


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