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When persistence pays off

Sometimes in MMORPGs dungeon runs are just not doable, the party’s gear level isn’t high enough, or you have the wrong mix of classes to pull off a win given the challenges ahead. No amount of player skill or coordination … Continue reading

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Delving into Uldaman

In World of Warcraft Classic, we’ve just graduated from Scarlet Monastery (finally!) and taken our first run on Uldaman. This dungeon has so many nostalgia-filled memories for me personally, but for the friends I’m playing with as well. The dungeon … Continue reading

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Undoing system changes in MMORPGs

A few random thoughts came together today when I thought of system changes in MMORPGs that I’d most want to undo. System changes in these online, ever progressing games are inevitable as it’s part of the value proposition to players … Continue reading

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Background details

I wrote recently on how much I like little details in the MMORPGs that I play; yesterday while playing World of Warcraft Classic, I was reminded just how much there is in the background that a player can easily miss. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online

I read over at Bio Break Syp’s post on his issues with the Elder Scrolls Online combat (e.g. lack of feedback) and that struck a chord. Like all my MMORPGs, I have phases where I am actively playing ESO, usually … Continue reading

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Dungeon levelling and summon-alts #WoWClassic

We’re carrying on with our Classic World of Warcraft character levelling, almost exclusively via dungeons. The only quests I’ve made time for since we got high enough to start the dungeons has been Paladin class quests. We’re stuck in a … Continue reading

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Expectations regards difficulty in MMORPGs

Over the last few days we’ve played several sessions of World of Warcraft’s 8.3 patch, Visions of N’Zoth, and in parallel we’ve also played through the early parts of Neverwinter’s Undermountain¬† content (Module 16). Playing both games it’s interesting to … Continue reading

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