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Gloomhaven and rng

The PC version of Gloomhaven has one particular aspect that has us laughing or howling at the screen on a regular basis. The randomisation (often referred to as rng) element that underpins the ‘modifier deck‘ mechanic can feel rather punishing … Continue reading

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Sunday thoughts #DnD #Gloomhaven

I’ve managed absolutely no MMORPG gaming this whole week: a combination of factors conspiring to keep me away from the hobby. Firstly we, unusually, were out socially two evenings in one week, a first for at least two years because … Continue reading

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Writing and gaming update

As we close in on the end of July, I’ll take a moment to write about what I’ve been up to this month. My first priority, other than working a lot, has been to do as much writing for my … Continue reading

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Seeing MMORPG inspiration in other games

We’ve been playing a good amount of Gloomhaven this last week, partly because Star Wars the Old Republic had issues that kept us from playing two nights in a row. In Gloomhaven we’re busy chasing the achievements to unlock new … Continue reading

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