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Gaming in troubling times

I should have been writing an ‘AFK’ post today. I had planned to return to Canada for another holiday and reccy of the potential future move there. But Corona virus has put a sudden and absolute stop to a lot … Continue reading

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All the news! #mmorpg

It’s been a rarity in recent years for there to be that much MMORPG news to comment on in the blogosphere, new MMO launches have been few and far between compared with the heady days when I started this blog. … Continue reading

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Please make NPC interactions easy…

Some MMORPGs have user interface issues, issues that you come up against again, and again, and again. Basic stuff like interacting with NPCs for instance. This is mainly an issue in ‘action MMOs’ – games where the cursor is locked … Continue reading

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A sense of scale #DCUO

Playing DCUO, our first and only foray into super hero MMORPG gaming, I’m struck by the sense of scale to the zones. Each character gets to choose a fast-movement ability (we both went with flying), and these allow your character … Continue reading

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What I’m playing this summer

With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s two lists of upcoming MMOs with interest, but so few upcoming games actually interest me in … Continue reading

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Gotham side-jaunt #DCUO

We progressed in our last session to a segment of story in Gotham, a change of scenery from all of our heroics in Metropolis. We were facing off against Joker’s masked and facepainted goons by the score to help an … Continue reading

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Focus on leveling content first? #dcuo

An open question: is it better to focus on levelling content first in a MMORPG with a significant story component? I read over at Massively OP this morning that there’s a Spring Seasonal themed after Poison Ivy at the moment. … Continue reading

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DC Universe Online #dcuo

We’ve been searching for something a bit different to play as a couple of late, we’ve done plenty of Guild Wars 2 since last Summer and Wakfu runs terribly on my husband’s computer despite attempts at fixing it. At some … Continue reading

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