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tlhIngan maH! (we are Klingons) #Blapril2020

I happened to notice on Twitter that 2020 is to be the Year of Klingon according to a news item from just over a week ago over at the Star Trek Online website. My ‘main’ in this MMORPG has always … Continue reading

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TV/film gaming inspirations abound

By chance last weekend I ended up watching both Blade Runner movies over the weekend. Watching the newer 2049 film because it caught my eye on Netflix, I then had to watch the original 80s film just to remind myself … Continue reading

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My gaming history #BlaugustReborn

Belghast has a post up on the “getting to know you” theme of week 2 of Blaugust. I don’t post about myself that often on this blog, it is about gaming more than anything else. In the spirit of Blaugust, … Continue reading

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Making it easier to return to a MMORPG

As someone who plays a variety of MMORPGs, I do face the problem of returning to a game and not finding the return a very easy or pleasant experience. The feeling of confusion as you stare at rows of forgotten … Continue reading

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Challenge in early gameplay for groups

A good chunk of my gaming time is devoted to playing MMOs with my husband and a close friend, it’s the reason why I often post on this blog about cooperative gameplay. In trying to find another game to play … Continue reading

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My type of characters

I was contemplating old characters from various games recently and whether I have a “type” of character that I prefer to play. I have a lot of characters in a lot of MMOs now, too many to list or think … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi mood

I’ve been in a Sci-Fi mood for a week or two now. My World of Warcraft account is tokenless, I’ve stopped playing Black Desert Online and am not missing Path of Exile at all since we finished. It’s all about spaceships, … Continue reading

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