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Kingdoms of Amalur: Resurrected?

An intriguing little news item via Massively OP, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is getting a remastered edition coming this August! I had the game on Playstation 3, but wasn’t ever a huge fan of playing computer RPGs on that platform … Continue reading

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Epic quest, or hefty grind? #WoWClassic

At the level cap of 60 now, I’m starting to consider some of the more substantial quests that my character can turn to in order to continue his development. As a paladin he has the rather epic (i.e. pretty long) … Continue reading

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Closing in on 60 #WoWClassic

My character in World of Warcraft Classic is now sitting at around 59.5, so just a half-level left before reaching the cap. I’d read in various places that the last twelve or so levels were the slowest by far and … Continue reading

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Looking towards Shadowlands #WorldofWarcraft

I’m quite looking forward to World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Shadowlands. This extra-planar or other-worldy jaunt will be a welcome break from the futility of the faction war of Battle for Azeroth. Unusually, despite the limited appeal of the levelling … Continue reading

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Second adventure published #DnD #Eberron

I’m very happy to announce that my second Dungeons & Dragons adventure is now published on the DMs Guild website: Whispering Shadows. This is the sequel to my shorter introductory adventure, Chasing Shadows. In constrast to the cross-country chase of … Continue reading

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I like situational gear in MMOs

In a recent World of Warcraft Classic session we attempted our second-ever run on Scholomance with our instance group. In discussions about the apparent difficulty we were facing, we started talking about gear we could farm to make the runs … Continue reading

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That doh moment (MMO UI edition)

The archetypal doh moment for me, specifically relating to MMORPG user interfaces, was from World of Warcraft. It was around the Cataclysm time I think, we’d been playing for years at that point and either my husband or I complained … Continue reading

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