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When persistence pays off

Sometimes in MMORPGs dungeon runs are just not doable, the party’s gear level isn’t high enough, or you have the wrong mix of classes to pull off a win given the challenges ahead. No amount of player skill or coordination … Continue reading

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Delving into Uldaman

In World of Warcraft Classic, we’ve just graduated from Scarlet Monastery (finally!) and taken our first run on Uldaman. This dungeon has so many nostalgia-filled memories for me personally, but for the friends I’m playing with as well. The dungeon … Continue reading

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Dungeoneering in its purest form

After our second Dungeons & Dragons Online session, I decided I should post a few of my screenshots of the more interesting places and sights we’ve seen. Our characters are level 8.4 (two ranks or ‘pips’ out of 5 towards … Continue reading

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First rules supplement, the Signalleer

Similar to my first published module, I’ve published today my first ever D&D rules supplement. The Signalleer is a class option for the 5E ranger, by default, as an Eberron archetype with abilities and equipment themed on a magical signal … Continue reading

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Quest failure condition overcome

Last night we decided, in our gaming trio, to return to Dungeons & Dragons Online. If we stick to the game this time our goal is to get the 2 character levels needed to get this trio started on the … Continue reading

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Undoing system changes in MMORPGs

A few random thoughts came together today when I thought of system changes in MMORPGs that I’d most want to undo. System changes in these online, ever progressing games are inevitable as it’s part of the value proposition to players … Continue reading

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Delving deeper into Undermountain

As we dig deeper into the current gameplay of Neverwinter, I’m impressed with some of the sweeping changes that have come since we last played. The new zones are enjoyable and have some great non-player characters to interact with as … Continue reading

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