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Good or bad expansions, and theme

There’s been quite a discussion around the subjective topic of good or bad expansions recently, so far, on my limited catch-up on this via the blogs in my feed; I’ve not seen the topic of theme added into the mix … Continue reading

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Unexpected AFK

I’ve come down with a rather sudden bout of flu, and find myself unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes on anything, so regretfully there’ll be no new blog-post until the weekend I would imagine. Happy gaming in … Continue reading

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Sharing the love of Erollisi

Bhagpuss’ post from a few days ago alerted me to something new and interesting going on in Everquest 2 for this year’s Erollisi Festival (goddess of love). The post features a picture of the exceedingly cute plushie familiar, a baby … Continue reading

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Interactions of magic and data

This post is a creative piece offering some ideas for the Starfinder roleplaying game. Any resemblance to real life entities are purely coincidental. Please feel free to use this content in your own campaign or discuss or expand on these … Continue reading

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Anthem and industry trends

I read over at Inventory Full about Bhagpuss’ reasons for not trying Anthem, Bioware’s answer to the MMOFPS sub-genre. In Anthem you play a battle-suit wearing hero flying and diving around zones to complete missions, mostly in a small team. … Continue reading

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Faction war and story agency

I was just writing a comment over at Superior Realities and I felt the need to expand on it somewhat here. The post on returning to Star Wars the Old Republic has evoked some discussion around the merits of the … Continue reading

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Running the Esseles in 2019

Wanting to finally get some group content done in Star Wars the Old Republic, I elected to queue for the Esseles on my baby Smuggler. I’ve been leveling him a bit since playing more SWTOR – one advantage of focusing … Continue reading

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