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Alienware Data Vault bug and a new life

The blog is coming out of deep freeze briefly for me to post a combined update on two issues. Firstly the gaming related one as my laptop was really struggling to run anything well by the time of my last … Continue reading

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Extended afk

Just a quick note to state the obvious, I’m on an extended hiatus from blogging and online gaming. Potentially life changing news came in late May – the long-desired exit plan from my country may, finally, be coming to fruition. … Continue reading

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All the Dungeons & Dragons news

There was a flurry of Dungeons & Dragons news last week (see summary), it came out just as I was ramping up to a frantic week of work so I was kind of distracted from absorbing any of it … Continue reading

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That whole Twitter thing…

Apparently I’ve had a Twitter account for gaming since Feb 2016, longer than I’d have remembered to be frank. I read Twitter fairly regularly to get my highly curated and ecclectic mix of gaming, ttrpg and language specific content (mostly … Continue reading

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Cautiously optimistic on Dragonflight #WorldofWarcraft

I’m breaking radio silence to post about the World of Warcraft expansion announcement that I just watched live on YouTube: Dragonflight (offical site page). Regular posts won’t resume until mid-late May due to work commitments but a new expansion for … Continue reading

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Adaptations in TTRPGs

Thinking back to what I wrote about adapting to a dual-stick controller previously, I was reminded of several examples of adaptation in another gaming context: tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve also written before about the forever nature of roleplaying rulesets and … Continue reading

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Where does the time go?

I find myself perplexed at how quickly days go by. I’m not sure if it’s the pandemic (ongoing/aftermath) or age or just being busier than ever. I was away last weekend so no post and suddenly it’s nearly two weeks … Continue reading

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WASD love

I realised something recently that may be a result of my specific gaming history: of the many hours as a teenager, student and then early career 20-something playing endless hours of various 90s shooter, action RPG and similar first-person PC … Continue reading

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To upgrade or not (Windows 11)

My gaming laptop has had some issues recently, in part because I’ve not done the standard fix for any more serious Windows performance or reliability issues – I’ve not reinstalled Windows on this laptop since I last replaced the hard … Continue reading

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Bless Unleashed coop thoughts

Having played some more Bless Unleashed as a trio I have some thoughts to share on just how good a MMORPG Bless is when playing partied-up with friends. In general the game is good fun to play in this mode: … Continue reading

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