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Mixed blessings #WoWClassic

Playing some more World of Warcraft Classic dungeon-running I have somewhat mixed feelings about this version of the game. I can see clear disadvantages from a gameplay perspective and also advantages. This dive into nostalgic gaming is a case of … Continue reading

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Some catching up #Worldofwarcraft

Although it’s old news for most, since returning to World of Warcraft I’ve been ticking boxes on things that I’ve not yet done in 8.2 and 8.25 content. Rep grinding for Nazjatar and Mechagon was a necessary step to unlock … Continue reading

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RPGWriterWorkshop priorities

Alongside IntPiPoMo I’ve also spent all of November writing for an e-course that I’ve been taking: RPG Writer Workshop. I’ve been writing my own tabletop rpg adventures, and adapting published ones, for thirty years now but never with an aim … Continue reading

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Gaming moments 2019 #IntPiPoMo

For my last scheduled post in International Picture Posting Month 2019 I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favourite gaming moments from this year. This post has some story spoilers from the get-go so if you’re not playing any … Continue reading

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Transport in the Pact Worlds #Starfinder

In the Starfinder setting of the Pact Worlds there is an almost default assumption that players will be loaned or will find a starship of their own for transportation (see building a starship section). However that is not to say … Continue reading

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Common monsters in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo 2019

Here’s another in my schedule International Picture Posting Month posts showing off some more of the many screenshots I’ve collected while playing MMORPGs. Kobolds, Dungeons & Dragons Online They may lack candles, but these little lizard rascals are very, very … Continue reading

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Practising in public #EQ2

The current Dragon Attack! event has offered quite a good opportunity to play some alts that I haven’t devoted quite so much playtime to and thereby gain a bit more insight into their skills and possible rotations. At the same … Continue reading

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