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Massively on Murkmire #BlaugustReborn #TESOnline #MassivelyOP

This being developer appreciation week, I’ve decided to share a link to the latest Tamriel Infinium post on Massively OP. The post is a fun deconstruction of the recent Murkmire teaser video – just the sort of thing I enjoy … Continue reading

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System administration appreciation #BlaugustReborn

It appears we are in “developer appreciation week” already in this Blaugust writing event. I’ll write more about this later in the week, but after Monday’s smooth-as-silk launch of World of Warcraft I’d just like to state my admiration and … Continue reading

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Expansion time #WorldofWarcraft

So we’re on day 3 of the expansion as I write this, we actually got into the expansion Monday evening (late) and did the intro and first run around Boralus. After waiting with the masses in Silithus, we had a … Continue reading

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Collect the things #TESOnline

The Orsinium DLC has some ‘extras’ alongside the zone story and boss fights. One particular activity I really appreciate is the collection of museum artifacts. These Orsimer (a k a orc) treasures are scattered through the zone, so if you’re … Continue reading

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Tidying up Legion #WorldofWarcraft

This last week before the expansion launch has mostly been bits and bobs in World of Warcraft. Priority has been running the Argus world quests and any emissaries based there to try to get the reputation for the Alliance allied … Continue reading

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Old gaming files

Reading this post on Endgame Viable left me with the question, what is my oldest computer files. That’s a fun challenge for this week of Blaugust. I have a lot of old burnable CDs and DVDs as backups of files, … Continue reading

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D&D on (US) national TV

Tobold posted about the cultural event of seeing a segment on Stephen Colbert‘s prime time talk show where he and a guest discusses D&D front and centre. That’s quite a cultural moment I would say: the audience reacts warmly to … Continue reading

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