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Curating a playthrough for others #LOTRO

I prefer to play MMORPGs with friends or close family by choice, I’ve done a lot of soloing over the years mind, but usually enjoy questing more with others. Playing some Lord of the Rings Online with my husband I’m … Continue reading

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Autumnal gaming 2019

As has happened before, a period of absence from gaming has soft-rebooted my gaming selection somewhat, though it is not unexpected. A break from WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth for just over two weeks left me unmotivated to play … Continue reading

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Is area loot fixed? #SWTOR

A small but very welcome change to our moment-to-moment gameplay in Star Wars the Old Republic was noticeable since our leveling trio last played. Coming back to the game this week was a slightly-delayed chance to indulge the still-relatively-fresh joy … Continue reading

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LOTRO’s varied class design

I played some Lord of the Rings Online together with my husband for the first time in years on Sunday evening. It was quite a hiatus since we last played these two Hobbits together (my Warden and his Minstrel). Syp’s … Continue reading

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To jump on-board or not? #Archeage

Back from holiday and there’s been quite a lot to read about while I was away, I did keep up with blog posts and gaming news somewhat but found blogging on my mobile too annoying to do much. I’ll need … Continue reading

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Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland

I’ve just spent a weekend at Disneyland California enjoying some immersive escapism for a few days. I’ve been before but this was my first chance to see the new Galaxy’s Edge zone a Star Wars themed set-piece. There’s only one … Continue reading

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Storm Crow Manor, Toronto

I’m in the impressive city of Toronto at the moment and visited yesterday evening a temple of geek/gaming in the guise of a gaming bar called Storm Crow Manor. I’ve seen a few similar establishments in the UK, but nothing … Continue reading

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