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Pleased to see other players #eso

For the most part when I see other players as my Dragonknight runs around Tamriel, I’m happy for whatever chance encounters that come along. This being a MMORPG, one would almost hope for some multiplayer element to the gameplay, and … Continue reading

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Vanilla 1.12

So while I was away there was this announcement that World of Warcraft Classic will be based on patch 1.12 (Drums of War). This gives a lot of clarity to what this ‘snapshot’ version of the game will look like, … Continue reading

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AFK for the weekend

Work is keeping me busy for the weekend and time to blog isn’t going to be a luxury I can afford, so I’ll catchup with posting next week. Have fun gaming in the meantime all!

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E3 multiplayer reflections

Having finally caught up with some of the deluge of coverage for E3, I’m left with little to no change to my current mode MMO-gaming wise. Long-gone are the heady days of the early 2010s, where new MMORPG releases were … Continue reading

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Diving for pearls #EQ2 #Everquestii

Everquest 2 has a new seasonal event, the Oceansfull Festival. This Othmir event has special clamshells spawning in coastal waters in various locations. Each shell contains housing items and other cosmetic treasures to collect. There are clusters of clamshells at … Continue reading

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Non-combat abilities are cool

Massively OP had a discussion topic on non-combat abilities yesterday. It’s a topic I care about, if only MMORPGs had more non-violent or flavourful abilities I’d be happy! Combat remains the main focus of most character skills in all the … Continue reading

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At-home in the mountains #ESO

I’m not sure why, but I do love mountainous zones in MMORPGs. My main in Elder Scrolls Online is now in Eastmarch, and I’m loving the zone. I grew up in a particularly flat part of the country, then moved … Continue reading

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