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Guild activity fun

On Monday my husband ran a guild activity in World of Warcraft: a kind of “Hide and Seek” across the zones of Kul Tiras. Each alt was logged off during the day in an out of the way location, we … Continue reading

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Dailies, but not daily

Shintar has a very detailed review of the history of daily missions in Star Wars the Old Republic in a recent post. It’s a great post if you want to feel nostalgic about various aspects of questing and repeatable content … Continue reading

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Virtual and physical rpg gaming

Recently we had that rare opportunity to sit down and do some tabletop roleplaying in person. Such events vary greatly in frequency but, with my longest running D&D (3.5) campaign that started back in 2006, it’s never that frequent. 2018 … Continue reading

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Holiday gaming expectations

Work has gone a little crazy in the run up to Christmas, though at least I will be off for nearly two weeks. We’ll be spending the holidays with family as normal so actually I probably won’t have a huge … Continue reading

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Alt switching ease…

…or the lack there of has got me thinking at the moment. My gaming time has been rather limited due to two weekends in a row of visitors. The main thing I have been doing is logging in, as time … Continue reading

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Alts of the same class?

I was struck when playing on Anor that levelling the same class a second time is something I very rarely do. I treat alt characters in MMORPG as variant gameplay or kind of like new content. Replaying the same quests … Continue reading

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A pictoral farewell to Wildstar

For my final IntPiPoMo2018 post of the month and year I decided to give my own nod to Wildstar, the colourful MMORPG that shut down yesterday. I wasn’t able to be in game for the shutdown itself, I’ve never actually … Continue reading

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