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Another generous game company #NeverwinterGame

I found out just now about a rather generous free offer from Neverwinter’s Perfect World, if you log into your character by April 2 you can get a “fast track pack”. This is an account level offer from the reward … Continue reading

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Digitial roleplay product alternatives

Today is one week since we should have flown off for a 11 day holiday in Canada. Since I’ve had to stay at home and have continued working, I am trying to invest more free time in rpg writing. I’ve … Continue reading

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Set sail for adventure #DDO

Fresh from the unlock of content for all players, our DDO trio static tackled the Sentinels of Stormreach chain over the weekend. This set of four related quests took our party across farflung locales in Eberron as we set sail … Continue reading

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Sentimental character actions

Some days, when I have other gaming plans, I log into Everquest 2 for a really short session just to check on Overseer missions, check my broker sales, the usual character ‘admin’ type stuff. But I rarely if ever forget … Continue reading

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A generous game company offer

Given the current context, it gladdens my heart to read that Standing Stone Games has announced they are making all content freely accessible for Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online available to all players through 30 … Continue reading

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Gaming in troubling times

I should have been writing an ‘AFK’ post today. I had planned to return to Canada for another holiday and reccy of the potential future move there. But Corona virus has put a sudden and absolute stop to a lot … Continue reading

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My virtual tabletop gaming tips

I’m starting to see discussions online about replacing, short-term at least, round the table roleplaying (rpg) sessions with virtual ones. It’s a sad reality that “social distancing” is becoming a necessity in many countries, and that will inevitably impact the … Continue reading

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