Extended afk

Just a quick note to state the obvious, I’m on an extended hiatus from blogging and online gaming. Potentially life changing news came in late May – the long-desired exit plan from my country may, finally, be coming to fruition. I was already busy at the time winding up work contracts and the relatively short-notice nature means all hands to the wheel on that now.

June was also a really busy time for us, travelling to see family and spend time with friends every weekend. I’m suffering for all the happy times now, as I have my second dose of COVID currently – whatever politicians say it hasn’t gone anywhere, and in the UK is surging rapidly. Nothing too bad so far but it’s made me do little but sleep and read for a few days so far.

What little time I’ve spent on gaming since May has been console games since my venerable Alienware developed an overheating problem in June (or more accurately the slowly worsening problem reached a crisis-point). I’ve bought the necessary thermal-paste and precision tools to almost fully dismantle it to reach the CPU/GPU assembly where the problem lies, but won’t be attempting such major cyber-surgery until I’m recovered.

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