About this blog

I’ve spent years avidly following developments in the Massively Multipler Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) industry; back in 2011 I’d already been reading forums and blogs for several years when I decided to take the plunge myself and start up this blog. I began playing MMOs seriously with WoW in 2007, since then I’ve discovered other games including DDO, LoTRO, EQ2, Rift, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and Elder Scrolls Online. Although I branch outside the MMO space on occasion (e.g. Shadowrun Chronicles, Divinity Original Sin), it’s fair to say I’ve left single player offline gaming behind.

I write the blog primarily for my own pleasure, with the posts here acting as a record of my virtual adventures and occasionally to provide some industry commentary. The name of the blog Gaming Sans Frontières (GamingSF for short) comes from my love of languages, but also hints at my openness to try new games of all kinds. I’m also an avid tabletop roleplayer so I do throw in the odd post on offline gaming as well.

This blog’s posts are also highlighted on my gaming Twitter account, for the latest posts and additional pictures and updates follow me @TelwynGSF!  If you have any comments on blog posts or my writing, feel free to contact me on Twitter or email me via telwyn (at) hotmail (dot) com.


3 Responses to About this blog

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  2. Loki says:

    Hey Telwyn, I’m adopting most of your Starfinder content into my new campaign, fantastic stuff! I love the flavor and it will work beautifully will the Pop Culture Catalogue series (Transparency: I have written several volumes in that series). You really have a great hand with this stuff, have you published professionally? If so, point me at it!

    Additionally, as a New Orleans French Creole I love the blog title! Anyway, thanks for helping me populate the culture of my tables version of the Pact Worlds! Cheers!

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