About this blog

I’ve spent the last few years avidly following developments in the MMO industry. I started playing MMOs with WoW back in 2007, since then I’ve discovered other games including Runes of Magic, DDO, LoTRO, EQ2X and Rift.

I write the blog primarily to practice my writing skills for future study, it’s meant to hold stories about what I like and dislike in games – part gaming diary and part industry commentary.


10 Responses to About this blog

  1. Ahtchu says:

    Telwyn, do you have an email one could contact you via?

  2. Mridul Godha says:

    Hello! I just went throught a lot of your articles on gaming. Your passion for gaming and your writing style are really impressive. I have a little request from you. I am the Chief Editor for the website joystics.com which is a new game reviewing website that focusses on short, to-the-point gaming review, news and interviews. Would you like to contribute to joystics.com? Even an article a month would mean a lot to us. Thanks a lot. Mridul Godha (mridul@joystics.com).

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the compliment, sadly with work and part time Masters study I have very little time for writing. Blogging is one thing but I don’t have time for anything more serious at present. Good luck with the site, I’ll keep an eye on it!

  3. acbarberi says:

    Hello Telwyn!

    My name is Alex C. Barberi. I have been reading the articles on your blog and they are great to read! Thanks for writing them. I am also getting my blog, Questers Anonymous, started up. On my blog I will be giving my first impressions of the MMOs I try out so that I can give players a feel for the MMOs before they download them (similar to what you have here, but different content).

    Since your blog is well-written and has good content, I would like to put your blog in my “Blogroll” which I am about to add to my blog. I was also hoping that you could review the content on my blog and consider adding my blog to your blogroll as well.

    Let me know!

    Alex C. Barberi

  4. sillymili says:

    Hi do you have a twitter/facebook account that I can follow and and email i can use to contact you?
    Omerta Game Limited

  5. Jena Dower says:

    Just read all your blog posts which are very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.


  6. Russel Rivera says:

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    If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll provide you more details. Likewise, if you have other sites, please send through the URL’s so I can take a look. Please message me through my email for further details

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Russel Rivera

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