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Decorative vs functional housing #EverquestII #Wildstar

A recent post about SWTOR housing over at Going Commando, and subsequent comments, started me thinking about what I look for from player housing in MMORPGs. Most of the blog posts I’ve seen about housing relate to decoration – the … Continue reading

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Final stretch… #BlaugustReborn

So we’re in the final part-week of the Blaugust Reborn blog writing event. It’s been great fun to take part in this resurrected community blogging month, a lot of writing and a lot of reading. Seriously, the positive effect it’s … Continue reading

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Bottled utility #Warcraft #TESOnline

I’ve written on occasion of how much I like the alchemy profession or its equivalent in MMORPGs. Crafting potions brings some much-needed utility to your character, not just the ‘red and blue’ potions that many would first think of. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Gear as character progression #Warcraft #EverquestII #TESOnline

We had an interesting discussion while playing World of Warcraft yesterday: namely on the issue of character progression for the last few expansions. This is a follow-on topic from yesterday’s post in part. The complaint was that in modern WoW … Continue reading

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Levelling gear vs finding new gear #Warcraft #Lotro #NeverwinterGame

A post over at Endgame Viable has me thinking this morning about gearing in MMORPGs. The post is a summary of UltrViolet’s experiences in Battle for Azeroth, but there’s a particular phrase that inspired this post: [Azerite gear] just seems … Continue reading

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Interactive objects #BattleforAzeroth #TESOnline #DDOUnlimited

I’ve been praising the environments and landscapes of Battle for Azeroth’s new zones in the last couple of posts. Something I would like to see in future World of Warcraft content, however, is more interactivity in the indoor spaces. There … Continue reading

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Staying motivated #BlaugustReborn

We’re into the penultimate week of the Blaugust Reborn blogging event already! This week has the theme of ‘staying motivated’, i.e. sharing tips on how to keep writing after such an intensive few weeks. It feels like a particularly apt … Continue reading

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