Rapid travel options in MMOs

I’ve been thinking a bit about rapid travel in MMOs. This was partly inspired by a thread on the Everquest2 forums bemoaning outdated transportation options in that MMO.

EQ2 certainly has more travel options than most MMOs including mounts, leaper mounts, flying mounts, horse or griffons taxis (or other equivalents), travel bells, wizard spire and druid ring teleport networks plus portals or paintings for your house or guild house.


Personally I have no problem with such a variety of options, it can be confusing for new players I suppose but it also adds a lot of flavour to the game and gives options of how you want to travel around. Beyond the recall ability, you generally do need to travel certain well-worn paths within zones to move between the travel bell and a griffon master for instance.

Final Fantasy XIV makes it even easier to travel around if you have the money (called gil). An always available teleport menu allows you to travel to any unlocked locations out of combat. You can also use rented chocobos to auto-travel between locations for a lower fee.

Teleport options

Teleport options

Admittedly you have to travel on your mount or on foot to each new settlement to attune the local aetheryte or unlock the chocobo master before the fast travel options are available. I tend to find myself cutting out travel more in FFXIV since it’s so convenient and relatively cheap even at level 30.

Comparing these two open world MMOs with Neverwinter the latter has very few travel options but then the distances in this highly segmented MMO are generally smaller. You have the teleport scrolls to take you back to Protector’s Enclave but they cost astral diamonds to buy so are a finite resource. Mounts are available at various speeds but there’s no auto-pilot rented alternative as is usual in most MMOs. Unusually there’s no recall or hearthstone style ability either – presumably part of the free-to-play monetization strategy for the game.

What are you prefered rapid travel options and how pervasive should it be?

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FFXIV: sudden progress

After a couple of sessions of seeming slow progress in the game, this latest session was full of progress on my goals and some nice surprises to boot!First I had picked up a quest as I passed through the Central Shroud to unlock chocobo combat so my chocobo mount can be trained to fight alongside me. It’s a simple quest to kill a few creatures with your chocobo helping you. In order to summon your chocobo to fight at your side you need to feed it gysahl greens every thirty minutes. I tried a few vendors in the settlements I travelled through and it appears most do not sell this special cabbage – but I did find one in Gridania and the linked thread above has a couple of other options listed.

Get your gysahl greens!

Get your gysahl greens! (near the Gridania main Aetheryte)

I haven’t really delved into the chocobo combat customisation as I’ve not done much with him so far – but looking online while writing this post, I found a pretty good guide including suggestions on specs to choose.

The last of my original goals for returning to the game was done when I dinged level 30 on my conjurer class and unlocked the white mage (WHM) job. The job-unlock quest was pretty tough to do, sadly it wouldn’t allow me to use my newly acquired chocobo to help me. I died once and then concentrated on healing more and just scraped through, I suspect my gear is probably a bit behind for this to be such a challenge.



One side-effect of having a job crystal equipped is the locking of cross-class skills from classes other than the secondary class needed for the job. So as a white mage I can use conjurer, arcanist and thaumaturge skills but I can’t use for example the gladiator cross-class skills I happen to have unlocked. This leaves me short of good skills to slot, so I think one of my next goals will be to level thaumaturge some more to unlock the other easy to unlock cross-class skills. The only arcanist skill I could unlock is level 34 and I’m in no hurry to level a second class that high – I’d rather get conjurer to 50 as higher priority.

The session also had a couple of nice surprises. I unlocked a new mount as part of class quests:

Flying eyeball-demon mount!

Flying eyeball-demon mount!

and then only minutes later I unlocked another:

Nature's blessing

Nature’s blessing

A really busy gaming session with lots achieved, new goals going forward are:

  1. Level thaumaturge to 12 to unlock surecast and blizzard II
  2. Level up my chocobo companion and chose a spec for him


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Neverwinter: companion upgrade time

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my great weapon fighter’s companion from blue to purple quality last night. I really like the dread warrior companion, it’s been a great help as I’ve levelled and he has a chance of healing me and increasing my threat generation so he’s a pretty good tanking companion. However at blue quality I was noticing in the new campaign zones that he was getting flattened pretty quickly by larger enemy attacks.

nw_upgTorstThe upgrade from blue to purple costs an eye-watering 750,000 astral diamonds. That’s a lot of dailies for the bonus AD or via the Zen exchange 1500 Zen’s worth of astral diamonds at the current capped exchange rate of 500 to 1. It’s a seller’s market completely at present as soon as I listed the Zen it was instantly snapped up even at that price. I could possibly have scrapped together enough AD to buy the upgrade by robbing all of my characters of their AD but with multiple campaigns active on all my characters there are other uses for their AD such as unlocking the higher campaign tasks or buying much-needed tier gear.

Me and my dread warrior

Me and my dread warrior

I’d contemplated buying another purple companion outright as that would probably be better ‘value’ than upgrading but for this particular character the dread warrior is a perfect fit and I’m very used to playing with him. If I’m going to spend real money on the game I’d rather it was for something I’ll see plenty of use out of – we’re currently doing the dailies for both Sharandar and the Dragon campaign as a duo so having combat companions is still very useful.

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Not much of a fan of ‘rose-tinted glasses’

There’s always been an element of ‘rose-tinted glasses’ to discussions about MMO gaming in my experience. If you never experienced Star Wars Galaxies near launch you simply haven’t played a ‘proper MMO’. If you weren’t in an Everquest 1 mob camp you have no concept of ‘the grind’.

Sometimes as I read through my bloglist I feel as though I’m one of the very few not deeply dissatisfied with the current crop of games, one of the few not fixed on idolising the past. I have no hankering for replaying Morrowind, Final Fantasy VII, Neverwinter Nights or some other classic. I’m happily situated in the now with MMOs and gaming in general.

I admit that the best games in the MMO genre, at least from a breadth and depth of content perspective, are some of the oldest – e.g. EQ2 or LOTRO. But I cannot ignore new entrants such as Guild Wars 2 or Neverwinter (the Cryptic MMO) that show a very different play style and seem to be taking a very different tactic to offering that ‘massively multiplayer’ experience. It’s the newer games that are currently keeping my attention more than the old stalwarts after all.

I guess this is because I like to play MMOs that are well populated and still being updated regularly. It’s much easier to find games in both categories if they’re still relatively popular and relatively new as well.

Are you playing mostly newer games at present, a mix of everything or have you gone back to old classics?

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Neverwinter: Tyranny continued

We’ve made a little more progress in the new Tyranny of Dragons campaign this last week, having repeated the dailies in Neverdeath Graveyard three times and now having unlocked the quests at Ebon Downs. Other than shouting at the screen every time a NPC calls it “eee-bon downs” instead of “eh-bon downs”, it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Cultists and a mass of heroes in the downs

Cultists and a mass of heroes in the downs

The dragon heroic events are still drawing a crowd although perhaps not quite the super zerg of the first weekend. I knew we wouldn’t keep up with the most dedicated players, probably not even the average crowd either – they’re already in the later zones doing the dragons there. Still there are enough players to kill a dragon in the low zones, it does last more than ten seconds now, which is more satisfying than the first dragon fight we experienced.

This is a black dragon believe it or not, under all the spell effects...

This is a black dragon believe it or not, under all the spell effects…

The general cultist opponents and monsters are pretty challenging, some more than others. The White and Blue Dragonwings are particularly nasty.


Since I’m mostly doing this campaign so far as a duo it’s no big problem but I can imagine it would be pretty painful to solo on my wizard (above) or cleric. There’s a significant gearscore difference between more developed characters and newly dinged level 60s now and I guess it’s a tough call for the devs to balance content for both groups.

Tip: use zone chat while in the relevant zone and you’ll see players chatting cross-instance about which instance’s dragon encounters are going to pop first – this can save a lot of waiting if you want to get it done quicker!

We’re also a few days in to the Summer festival in the game, I missed it completely last year as I’d already stopped playing at that point due to the bugs and ‘Caturday’ rollback. I’ve had a quick look at it and it seems like a substantial piece of content, but the main rewards (three different mounts or the pig controller companion) aren’t that exciting for me and it’s a pretty crazy grind to get the pig companion anyway. I’m dabbling in the festival crafting as it’s mostly making food which offers some nice 30 minute stat buffs.


The actual events in the zones are all like the competitions across the zones – players are rated according to contribution. The pig/chicken herding is good fun but lasts a bit too long in my opinion, it gets boring towards the end. The other events like the troll killing is dependent on gear score. Trolls are exploding before you can even get a hit in since some characters have crazy high gearscores (17-20k) compared to my poor casual characters (~10k).

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Gaming questionnaire

Blaugust, or the general buzz of activity this month has spawned a few questionnaires that are doing the rounds. I’ve seen a few responses to this Gaming Questionnaire by Jasyla of CannotBeTamed so thought I’d give it a whirl as well.

  1. When did you start playing video games?
    My grandad started the whole family off by buying an Sinclair ZX Spectrum way back when. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time.
  2. What is the first game you remember playing?
    Ring of Darkness on the Spectrum. It was a medieval fantasy adventure game that went suddenly sci-fi crossover: towards the end you could buy a spacesuit, lasergun or a hovercraft…
  3. PC or Console?
    I’ve always preferred PCs. I hate playing first person 3D games with dual thumb controls, keyboard + mouse is a million times better.
  4. XBox, PlayStation, or Wii?
    We have a PS/3, and had PS/2 and PS/1 before that. I would never let an X-anything into my house. That said I’ve no interest in the current gen of consoles.
  5. What’s the best game you’ve ever played?
    Probably Icewind Dale 1 & 2. I loved the old co-op RPGs you could play over a local network.
  6. What’s the worst game you’ve ever played?
    Pools of Radiance, the 3rd edition D&D Baldur’s Gate style game. It was buggy and there was zero plot multiplayer.
  7. Name a game that was popular/critically adored that you just didn’t like.
    Mass Effect, I hated the ‘floaty’ feel to aiming.
  8. Name a game that was poorly received that you really like.
    Most MMOs probably fit in that category depending on who you’re talking too…
  9. What are your favourite game genres?
    MMORPGs hands down. RPGs in general too. I used to like strategy games like Command and Conquer but I can’t seem to get into them anymore.
  10. Who is your favourite game protagonist?
    I like to craft my own rather than be given a character or ‘hero’ to play.
  11. Describe your perfect video game.
    I’d like to see Dungeons & Dragons Online remade as an open world MMORPG with the main continent as the focus not Stormreach and definitely not the Forgotten Realms crossover. More content to do not just inside instances. The character creation and combat systems were/are pretty amazing.
  12. What video game character do have you have a crush on?
    Can’t say I’ve ever had one.
  13. What game has the best music?
    Lord of the Rings Online I think not only for the official score but also the player created music.
  14. Most memorable moment in a game:
    Too many to mention. Leveling the first pair of character together with my partner through World of Warcraft was pretty amazing – back then it seemed like such an enormous world full of secrets. WoWHead wasn’t really a thing then though!
  15. Scariest moment in a game:
    Playing in Hellfire (WoW) for first time on a very old laptop with super-low view distance. Suddenly the ground started shaking and a giant demonic robot literally appeared on top of my character…
  16. Most heart-wrenching moment in a game:
    Can’t think of anything at the moment.
  17. What are your favourite websites/blogs about games?
    The blogs in my bloglist. Massively.
  18. What’s the last game you finished?
    Part of the reason why I play MMOs is that you never really finish them. We do sometimes play the various Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie mystery games on PC so one of those.
  19. What future releases are you most excited about?
    Nothing specific. Expansions for existing games. 2014 for me has been about returning to games I’ve already played for a new or more extended look.
  20. Do you identify as a gamer?
  21. Why do you play video games?
    A shared hobby with my partner, family and friends.
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Neverwinter: epic dungeons and end bosses

So two nights ago we decided to run an epic dungeon in Neverwinter with a new mix of characters, my partner’s newly dinged guardian fighter as tank and my long-established but somewhat out of practice cleric as healer. Not knowing where to go in particular we chose the Cragmire Crypts dungeon as we’ve done it several times before on normal mode.

Shields up and charge!

Shields up and charge!

It was an enjoyable run overall although the dungeon is pretty long with some necessary backtracking because of a weird portal section and some lever-operated gates. It also has an obligatory spider section as well.

We were running it four-man, which the game doesn’t actually want us to do, you need five to queue for an epic dungeon unless you’re happy to have random PUG people join in. We had the luck of a guildmate being able to log her absent partner’s wizard in just to fill the party to fool the queue system, so that got us in and then the wizard was logged off.

For the most part we didn’t have any major issues. It was probably the most challenging dungeon I’ve healed so far, or at least in a long while. The Competing Adventure Party ‘boss fight’ was the first real difficulty check half way through, and our first downed party member. That caused us to pause and look at ability-sets for a few moments to see if we couldn’t improve survivability and healing.

Same party with improved defenses

Same party with improved defenses

We’d started the run during the Dungeon Delve hour which gives us access to the epic reward chest without needing a dungeon chest key. It was a slow run as we were lacking one of the three dps characters in a normal party of five – it took just over an hour to get to the final boss. That’s where we hit a bit of a brick wall. Despite two good tries with the boss down to 10% or so health we were being swamped by the many, many additional monsters he summons periodically. Our tank was also taking nasty damage from the boss, either due to gear or some attack for which we were unaware of the necessary tactics.

It was getting a bit too frantic for my tastes especially as it was late and I needed to head to bed yet we were right at the very end after a long slog and to not get the boss kill and the dungeon chest would have been really annoying. We’d been in a similar situation a few months ago in the epic version of the Wolf Den dungeon, we just didn’t have the damage or good enough gear to take that boss down despite having checked out tactics and we had to call that earlier run with no end reward.

In the end for a last attempt we kicked the absent wizard from the party and the game duly filled his slot with a random player’s ranger. In we charged and after a tense but much faster battle the boss was finally defeated and all that effort and time was at least rewarded by some new gear for our tank. Typically my cleric rolled badly on the random-loot generator and got a measly blue-quality necklace. Still going in he was in full epic gear, a mix of stuff from the auction house and the Dread Ring and Icewind Dale campaigns, so it’s not likely anything from a tier 1 epic dungeon would be of any use to him. Taking pictures during a boss fight is never a priority so I’ve nothing to show for all those tries but at least I feel like I’ve had some good practice at epic mode healing in the game!

The one aspect to this that I find annoying is how the difficulty between fights in the same dungeon can vary so greatly. Clearly trash mobs shouldn’t be as much of a challenge as a boss fight. But the difficulty increase between the earlier bosses and the end boss in both Wolf Den and Cragmire Crypt is so steep. That can easily lead to a very frustrating experience if there’s no warning you’ll hit a progression block right at the very end, that’s not good dungeon design in my mind.

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