Where does the time go?

I find myself perplexed at how quickly days go by. I’m not sure if it’s the pandemic (ongoing/aftermath) or age or just being busier than ever. I was away last weekend so no post and suddenly it’s nearly two weeks since I wrote anything. Sadly this also applies to gaming, at least computer-based, I’ve barely played anything in the last two weeks. I managed to sneak a quick game of Everquest 2 to do some dailies, and I played one shortish session of Lost Ark. It’s two weeks and a day since I last managed to play Star Wars the Old Republic.

Travel .. elsewhere!

I’ve been busy with work – two 50% FTE contracts takes more time and energy than the sum of their hours – I’ve worked both Tuesday evenings in-between and will probably work some more this weekend. I manage to squeeze some Gloomhaven sessions and other coop stuff into other evenings but MMO gaming isn’t happening at the moment. I’m not even finding much, if any, time to write RPG adventures.

I do wonder if my sense of time has changed over the last few years? I’m back working full-time+ after having mostly worked 70-80% full time equivalent for years, I guess I got used to having more free time than this. I also feel like I’m lacking energy in general, though that could just be a “changing of the seasons” thing. There’s been more early nights of late, which also cuts into gaming time. I’m also lacking a sense of attachment to any specific games – if I do have free time I’m as likely to get sucked into watching YouTube lore videos than actually gaming.

Vista unlocked!

My free time situation should improve dramatically in May, still two months away, but getting closer now, after four months that have felt like “crunch time”. Here’s hoping I get back to gaming more in the future!

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