Don’t forget the lizards! #TESOnline #Everquestii

Followers of this blog may have noticed I like to play unusual and larger-than-life characters in MMORPGs. If there’s a race or character model that’s further from a bog-standard human then I’m mostly likely to choose it. I particulary like playing lizard-people style characters for instance. My first and highest level character in Elder Scrolls Online is an Argonian.

Exhibit two is one of my favourite characters in Everquest 2, my Sarnak Shadowknight one of the two different lizard-men race options in that game.

Not all games have lizard-men mind, but then there’s usually other options. In World of Warcraft I do like playing Draenei (space goat-people).

My second Draenei character

In singing the praises of Elder Scroll Online’s developer Zenimax, Larry at Massively OP has a recent post that mentions just how nice it is to see continued support for cosmetics for the less popular races in that game. I certainly agree with this opinion: if you’re going to include such character types in a game, make sure they continue to be well supported as the game evolves. Not all studios are equal at supporting the breadth of character options, however.

Tera is pretty poor in this regard given that all of the newer classes added have been race-locked and most to the Elin race. No love at all, post launch, for my favourite races in the game – the earthy Baraka, or the furry Poporis.

How do the games that you play fare with support for less human-like characters?


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2 Responses to Don’t forget the lizards! #TESOnline #Everquestii

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I like the little people and especially the little animals. Vanguard’s Raki are my all-time favorite MMO race, followed closely by EQ2’s Ratonga. As far as lizards go, I played an Iksar necro on EQ2’s Test server for a long, long time and I currently have several Iksars on Live. Sarnaks, though, I could never get on with. All that running around looking at your feet!

  2. I like playing non-human races, but given my interest in story and lore, it’s their culture that matters to me more than their appearance. For example, in ESO, I play a Bosmer, which is the most human-looking race after the actual humans, but their culture is one of the most alien and bizarre in the game.

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