Gaming update – June 2021

I’m in a real MMORPG lull at the moment for various reasons. We’ve been on a World of Warcraft break for well over a month now, although 9.1 has a launch date looming, I’m in no big hurry to return to Azeroth. I’ve played a fair amount of Gloomhaven as a trio, and the same group will probably return to SWTOR once we get around to sorting the patcher woes from a week ago.

Otherwise I’m in a real ttrpg writing mood at the moment: I’m still running and heavily customising the Dead Suns adventure path for Starfinder, and I’m thinking I’ll switch over to a prior campaign set in Alternity’s Star*Drive for a break from the former.

The bigger piece of writing that looms larger than tinkering with shorter adventures is the need to pick up where I left off with my third D&D adventure for the DMs Guild. Writing an entire full length adventure (~30-40 pages) takes a whole chunk of time, and then it needs editing, layout, playtesting and more. It would be good to make some progress on the early draft that I have for this adventure, but writing for publication is a big step up from writing just to run with my own groups.

Next month sees the next iteration of the RPG Writer Workshop‘s month-long event on writing an adventure. I’ve done it before, but am considering entering again as it is good to have the community engagement for a month and to have externally provided writing-queues to motivate me.

Now all I need is a return to sunny weather so I can be sat out in the fresh air while I tap away on my netbook’s keyboard!

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