Back home and Stormreach calling? #DDO

I’m back home after a wonderful holiday, and a good break from this site and blogging in general. As is standard I chose to be away at a particularly busy time – my Feedly is full of New World posts. For now I have no real interest in starting a new game, since coming back my gaming time has been sorely limited. I’ve only logged into Everquest 2 since returning and that in order to carry on with the Pandas, Pandas, Pandas series.

It happens that since coming back the two friends with which I game online the most and I are looking for a different game to play together. We’re coming to the point of having exhausted the available Gloomhaven content, and a return to World of Warcraft as our de facto MMO isn’t on the cards just yet. One other game that we’ve played a good amount of as a trio came up on my Twitter feed only yesterday. Dungeons & Dragons Online have a new promotion for all players to be able to unlock “all our currently available adventure-packs for free”:

Lots of content!

That’s a lot of content to explore! We ground to a halt on our level 11s when we played last, partially because we were running low on quests to continue levelling them without excessive repetition. An injection of new adventure packs could make all the difference! Let’s see whether a return to Stormreach can fill this gap…

Artificer-time again?

PS: Though not related to this current generous offer, the 15th Anniversary event code still works if not claimed earlier in the year. Also at time of writing (17 Oct 2021), the weekly code “MWUHAHAHA” rewards the spooky-season appropriate Lasting Night Revels Key item.

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  2. Chief Visigoth says:

    Don’t forget in addition to the free code for adventure packs there are a few of the older expansions on sale for 99 DDO points. These are The Mists of Ravenloft, The Shadowfell Conspiracy, and Menace of the Underdark. So basically enough content to keep you busy up to at least level 20 and beyond.

    Chief Visigoth

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