Four favourite game series #Blapril2020

Apparently there’s a tweet doing the rounds about five favourite game series, as I read over at Time to Loot’s blog post response. It’s an interesting topic to read about, but not one I can easily answer in the spirit of other answers. I have not, for many years now, played series of games on any platform. I play a wide variety of MMORPGs on PC, but beyond that much keeps my interest for more than a few tries.  I have a tiny Steam library compared to some of the other bloggers I read. Looking at the games I play there are a few ‘brands’ that stick out though, so here’s my list.

Dungeons & Dragons

Definitely not a series of games at present, but the inspiration for many games over three decades. I play both D&D flavoured MMORPGs at the moment, Neverwinter with my husband, and Dungeons & Dragons Online as part of a leveling trio. Both give different but familiar views into the worlds (plural) of the source material.

Eberron style Drow

Although I’ve played many roleplaying games over the years, I still love D&D for its rich settings and iconic monsters. Playing either game offers a great dose of the comfort of familiarity.

Awesome mounts

Elder Scrolls

I’ve played very little of the Elder Scrolls series, other than Elder Scrolls Online the last game I played seriously was Oblivion. I bought Skyrim too but was already fully into MMO gaming by then so it didn’t stand much chance of grabbing me.

Elder Scrolls sometimes eerie take on fantasy

ESO is a good game, and I enjoy stints in game on and off. Sadly the combat never gelled with me enough to make it a main part of my game rotation. I do enjoy the rich and detailed world of Tamriel though, so it gets a mention in this post.


Although I’ve played some coop Warcraft 3 a few times over the years since its launch, most of my involvement with the Warcraft series has been through World of Warcraft. I did play the Warcraft series around the time they launched. But that was a rather long time ago.

A Warfront in WoW is the closest gameplay I’ve seen to Warcraft 3 in many years

Overwhelmingly so, in fact, as I’ve played the MMO on and off for 13 years. I imagine with the first two Warcraft strategy games I played them through once on Alliance, again on Horde and then never touched them again – although I liked “4X” strategy games I never got into the repeat endless randomised battle maps or online pvp modes. The third installment had a reprieve only to play some random maps with friends when we were bored with WoW.

Titan stuff is my bag


This is a bit of a shoe-horn into the list since I’ve only played the one game, Everquest 2, in the series. It’s also unusual as it’s a purely online series of games: I’ve played EQ2 a ton over eight or so years. I’ve played the elder Everquest maybe a total of six or so sessions in comparison. I didn’t ever own Everquest Online Adventures on Playstation. It’s still a franchise that matters to me though, and one that I hope to keep playing for many years to come.

Divinity Original Sin

The only series of games, if two counts as a series, that I can include on this list are the two Divinity Original Sin games. I’ve played both in a static group of four: friends I also play MMOs with as well. Although I’m not enamored with the gory tone of the games, the gameplay is compelling and the richness of character building and story branching are undeniable. Here’s hoping the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 (linking this to my D&D category) will be as solid as these games!

Do you have any favourite game series?

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