Visions of Vetrovia and levels of engagement #EQ2

I see via my blog feed that the next expansion for Everquest 2 has entered pre-order phase, with a release date in December 2021. As I wrote previously, we’re looking at an exploration themed next chapter for EQ2’s Norrath, and I’m excited to see what this brings.

Normally with EQ2 expansions I have always bought the Standard edition, the one exception being when I won a Collector’s edition to Terrors of Thalumbra in a competition. I find now that I have a different perspective brought about by my engagements with the game and may actually opt for the Collector’s edition.

I am back actively playing EQ2 again but even when I wasn’t I did still log in for a variety of reasons with some regularity:

  • To set off or collect rewards from Overseer missions
  • To set off training on active mounts and mercenaries
  • To set skill training going
  • To do the daily tasks, if its a combo I want to do

The per character claimable items in the second-tier edition of the expansion have a secondary benefit or purpose because of the activities outlined above. The new Svarni Painted Stork familiar would be useful for Overseer missions to decrease the chance of a critical failure. The mercenary, likewise, would be useful for increasing the crit success chance. Both the mercenary and mount can also be trained up as well as a background character development task.

The key point overall, personally, is that I log in if I remember and feel like it. I appreciate the variety of character development options available in EQ2, and the different levels of engagement that I can choose to take in a given session. Yes there are the genre-stalwart dailies to do, but that isn’t the only thing bringing me into the game. At the moment my main focus is still on the gear-up Pandas event, as I do enjoy just flying around a zone looking for quest objectives.

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