The day arrived, and after much stress and extra preparation we have departed on our cruise holiday. I’ll have my customary roaming data on my phone but I can’t tether anything while roaming, so gaming or blogging won’t be easy. As a side-note I never blog on my phone, I just dislike virtual keyboards too much for anything longer than a message app chat. There’s also the fact that I’ve never gotten around to moving all my screenshot archive to the cloud somewhere to make it accessible if “blogging on the go”. My blog has always been rather screenshot-focused…

Plenty of loungers, now where’s the sun…

We’ll occupy our time easily enough, I’m still in the habit of spending free-time writing for some ttrpg campaigns and that lends itself better to lounging around without any wifi/data. We have kindles too, and music (and some TV episodes) on our phones, plus all the on-board entertainment, so I have no fears of boredom! It seems silly that on some earlier land-based holidays we’d take a D&D manual or two or collectable card games to occupy some time – thesedays I prefer to have a noticeable change of pace and activity on a holiday to ensure it doesn’t seem too much like free-time at home.

So, I’ll be AFK (away from keyboard) for a couple of weeks now and likely there’ll be little to no blog posts – unless I find time to catch up with Feedly and feel the need to jump in on a topic.

Happy gaming everyone!

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