Spring time gaming

Spring time is a pretty awesome time of year. The rising temperatures and daylight hours are great for re-invigorating body and mind. On the gaming front there’s a few things I’m focused on at present.

The Secret World has just released Issue 14: Call of the Nameless. We’ll be buying that next week I hope to be able to dive into the new missions when all three of our group has the time to play. I’m still waiting patiently for the reveal of an eventual new zone/region but this side mission arc is a welcome addition to the game in the meantime.

Levelling through Gondor on my main in LOTRO is my main solo activity. The change of scenery and mood is welcome after having spent many sessions in Rohan. Recently the date for the next big game update (18) was announced – due April 11th. That’s sooner than I had planned for so if I want to get to the current cap of 100 before it is raised to 105, I haven’t got long!


Otherwise I’ve been tempted back into Wildstar for the odd session on my Engineer, just dinged level 30. It’s not likely to be my main game anytime soon but I am having fun in-game and am hoping to fit in some duo sessions as well.


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  1. I’m about halfway through Call of the Nameless (or a bit more) now. No spoilers, but it seems a return to form for TSW after the disappointment of Trail of Shadows. Really interesting story, and you get to spend more time with some of my favourite characters (Amir!).

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