Fun vs goals

I’ve found my gaming priorities derailed the last week or two, I had intended to try to get my poor champion to the level cap in LOTRO before it rises yet again but that’s a bust as Update 18 is due to launch today (delayed by one day).

Then without any forethought I ended up subscribing back to WoW via a Token to be able to play that game with visiting family four evenings straight.That’s been a blast, I have a lot of characters that could do with pushing up to 100 (from low 90s) ready for Legion and the possibility to use the Legion pre-order instant 100 to prep a class that I’ve rarely played (mage?) for the next expansion.

I read last night that a close friend has started playing Black Desert Online, which coupled with spending money for my birthday is enough to break my last attempts at resisting giving that a try too. I guess in the end it’s all about enjoyment, shared experiences and having some fun. Online gaming is a great hobby; it can connect you to people you don’t see so often or introduce you to really nice people from a wide variety of places and backgrounds.

When I was thinking about trading gameplay back a few weeks, I gave Archeage a brief but intensive try, and despite liking the systems, classes and general gameplay, I was struck by that sense of “having missed the boat” and not seeing much activity in low-level areas. At least if I try Black Desert Online now, relatively close to launch, I guess it is pretty busy everywhere? Although I try to set goals and have some kind of organised plan to my gaming, sometimes it’s worth just going with flow…

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