SWTOR: looting issues in KOTFE

We’ve been playing the odd trio or duo session in SWTOR as time permits but since the latest expansion we’ve had a regular issue with looting being more of a chore than it used to be. According to the forums, I’m not the only one to notice this.

Why show me this, exactly?

Why show me this, exactly?

By now, in 2016, any MMORPG without area loot isn’t worthy of my consideration; I know that’s not a universally held opinion, but I do not feel any gameplay value out of individually clicking slain foes to get more loot.

LOTRO probably has the very best system – loot is auto-vacuumed from foes without even having to click any of them. Thinking back to the Wildstar beta, one of the issues I noticed while feeling confused by the UI was that I’d miss loot lying about. I have gotten used to hitting ‘v’ as I finish fights now but it’s hardly ideal.

Apparently there is some loot in that mess, somewhere...

Apparently there is some loot in that mess, somewhere…

SWTOR had a perfectly good loot system, well other than the odd bug with quest items not dropping for all members of a party. Since the Fallen Empire changes there are two-fold difficulties that make playing together that little bit less smooth.

Firstly, when you click on a mob, the system may randomly display loot for other group members; that window does not vanish unless you click off it or move away. It seems to me utterly unnecessary to be showing me what other group members have received if I’m not rolling on them as well.

Secondly when I loot a mob the game does not automatically distribute loot to the other party members – they have to come over and click that mob. Indeed sometimes it seems the game doesn’t decide until that moment of the first click that other players may have loot on that same mob – so suddenly others will see the loot beam appear where it wasn’t before. It’s a bit of a confusing mess at the moment for group play.

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  1. Shintar says:

    Like someone in the forum thread mentions as well, this seems to be a side effect of the new level scaling system giving everyone in the group their own loot appropriate for their level. I’ve mostly noticed it in flashpoints, where it seemed kind of dumb that instead of credits automatically getting distributed as soon as the first person loots, everyone has to pick up their 20 credits or whatever individually. I can’t say it’s been a huge bother for me personally though, just a bit silly.

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