Writing and gaming update

As we close in on the end of July, I’ll take a moment to write about what I’ve been up to this month. My first priority, other than working a lot, has been to do as much writing for my next D&D module for the DMs Guild as part of the RPGWriterWorkshop month.

This is my third go at this community RPG writing event, and I’ve found it to be a good motivator in general. Specific lessons I have found useful to refresh my perspective or to bookmark for later revisiting when I’m done writing, editing and laying out the module. The goal of the event is to write a one-shot adventure circa 3,500 words within that month, and to get it published. I’m using the event to drive writing a full module, it’s currently running at 18,500 words and willl likely just top 20,000 when I’m done. I had worked on this module at least two times in the last year, and at the start of July had a much rougher 13,000 words. So against the expected goal I’ve done pretty well – 5,500 new words plus a good chunk of editing and layout done!

I plan to playtest this with the usual group of friends in August / September, so publication is some way off yet, but it’s gratifying to re-starting the campaign and I’m excited at how they might react to events in this installment.

Otherwise I have found some time to game besides writing, mostly short evening sessions of Gloomhaven Seeing MMORPG inspiration in other games with two friends. We’re busy leveling all manner of trios, the game postively encourages “alt-play” from an MMO perspective. Quests usually last about 1.5-2.5 hours, so we can cram one in between my writing or husband’s raid evenings and bedtime.

Gloomhaven dice can be as unlucky as D&D dice…

Finally, I’ve been pottering around a little in Lord of the Rings Online for some comfort gaming, low stress questing or sorting of inventories on alts. I’ve not had a good solid session’s worth of time to play any MMORPG for weeks, but that will change as I close off on the writing. Here’s hoping I get some good MMO gaming in soon!

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