Skylanders Superchargers screenies #IntPiPoMo

Although I’ve been playing PS4 for some months now, I’ve not written much about it, nor shared many screenshots. Unlike PS3 at least it is pretty easy to take a screenshot on this generation of the console.

The fancy light air vehicle

Typically for Sony, although there’s a built in screenshot button on the controller, and I have a Playstation Plus subscription for cloud backups of saves, the obvious link between the two is missing – my screenshots are not available via the same account on my PC via the website.

Collect the figures and, in Superchargers, the vehicles too

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to copy screenshots to a memory stick – but it seems a bit last decade to be doing so.

Water vehicle level

I kind of thought Superchargers would be really gimmicky, I was not a fan of vehicle quests in World of Warcraft – forcing you to play with different abilities than those of the character you were invested in leveling and playing.

An air level

Either my tastes have broadened or the way the vehicle levels are implemented in Superchargers has kept me engaged more than the equivalent in a MMORPG.

Side-scrolling water level

It helps that Superchargers has the improved graphics of this console generation, a real step up from what we were used to on the Playstation 3. Also the humour is spot-on, it’s a charming game.

Whimsy in spades
Interesting NPCs abound

It also helps that Superchargers introduced some really colourful an fun new base skylanders. I love Dive Clops to bits for his characterisation and sound effects.

Dive Clops is probably my fave now
Fiesta is really charming too

Fiesta is another fun character to play, but not as effective from a mechanics perspective.

This post is my final contribution to the IntPiPoMo 2021 event. This rounds out my picture total to the target of 50/50.

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