When coming back is no longer an option

I wrote recently about the my dilemma over whether to return to Vanguard before it is shutdown this summer. In the same post’s comments I noted that the patcher won’t update on my install anymore, it’s too out-of-date now.

Returning to old MMOs, even if only for a brief session of nostalgia, can be real fun. It’s nice to think that most of these worlds remain available in the longer term.

Sadly the big advantage of MMO gaming, that the games and worlds in those games are updated on a regular basis, also makes reentry problematic if you’ve been away too long. Setting the patcher running for a few hours while I cook or watch TV isn’t a big deal. Re-downloading an entire game (10-30 GB these days) because the patcher no longer functions is more of a problem.

The tension is that I rarely go back to a game for the long-term; I have done twice with LOTRO but then I keep that game patched as part of normal weekly tasks on my computer. Otherwise I may go back to briefly revisit a game but there was a reason I stopped playing and that reason is likely still present. So if a MMO’s patcher breaks for any reason, its likely my link to that game is symbolically broken also.

On a related note, my Aeria Games account (for Eden Eternal) was recently suspended “due to billing inactivity”, I’ve not logged in for over a year now but without warning they suspended my login account. The retrieval mechanism requires me to contact their office with a lot of information from when I registered plus the last transaction (which I could only find out on the website that I’m blocked from by the suspension). Seems like there’ll be no return to Eden Eternal in the future…

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