MMO loss and playing it safe

I play MMOs for a number of reasons , although principally for the multiplayer-world aspect and the fact that their content and features (usually) expand over time. To date I’ve not personally suffered the loss of a MMO shutting down at least while I was actively interested in playing it. The announced shutdown of Vanguard is still sad to me as it feels like a missed gaming opportunity.

Telon is a world that begs to be explored, perhaps if I hadn’t been invested in other games I’d have shrugged off the annoying lag issues and the harsh death penalty. I kind of wish I’d double clicked that desktop icon as I almost have at least a dozen times over the two years of absence. But the sad fact is that this title’s future was already in doubt for me back then due to the PSS/EU fiasco. So does the threat of losing access to an MMO make one more or less inclined to play it, carpe diem or caveat ipsum?


I find myself torn on this issue. I have advocated to others to enjoy their gaming for ‘the now’. Unsubbing from a MMO doesn’t mean you’ve wasted all the time invested, it just means you have free-time for something new. But I’m also a bit loathe to get involved in Vanguard now, sidelining other games that I’m actively playing just to briefly explore more of Telon. Is Vanguard a game I want to play, or the unfulfilled promise of a game I would have wanted to play?

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  1. R says:

    I’ve seen similar discussions around TV shows… should you watch a show from the beginning and risk it being cancelled or wait until it succeeds and jump on the bandwagon at that point? From most perspectives the former is better… more viewers helps it succeed, if enough people hang tight it could doom an otherwise worthy show.

    Ultimately, since you seem to share that general viewpoint, that you didn’t play the game is its own answer… if you thought it would have been worth your time, you would have found time for it.

    • Telwyn says:

      Indeed. It’s really something I wish I’d played now, but then other games always took priority. The fact the client won’t update now (too out of date I guess) is another factor against it.

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