Blogging and breaks

Belghast has a post up it being “ok to take a break“, referring to the importance of not neglecting other things (health or otherwise) in the singular pursuit of any blogging goals. It’s very apropos for me at the moment, and has been sadly for quite some time. I’ve been too busy to prioritise blogging for a couple of years now; a combination of work overload, study and other creative projects.

In joining Blaugust this year, I had no pretentions about getting the ‘rainbow diamond’ award for managing 31 posts. Its wasn’t likely to happen from the start, and will not now that I missed yesterday. This week is even busier than the last, I just finished up on the RPG Writer Month and suddenly out of the blue a potentially big opportunity came knocking. I’ll not say more about that for now, but I need to be focused for the rest of the week on non-gaming matters. Expect a bit of radio-silence till the weekend.

The important thing to remember is that blogging, for most of us, is a hobby more than a job. Yes it’d be nice if I could turn blogging into a career, but after ten years I have no real expectations there. It remains as it started, a fun thing I do on the side to share my opinions and experiences.

So enjoy the Blaugust ride, but for me it’ll be not quite full speed ahead…

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