“Games we forgot about”

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I listened to the latest Aggrochat podcast, titled “Games we forgot about”, where this podcast’s crew talk about games that have “dropped off the radar”: a couple resonated with me, notably LOTRO and Warframe. I had a similar discussion on the weekend: I was visiting family and spent a lot of time looking at PS5 games and also some PC titles. One game that came up in conversation was Black Desert Online as my niece is playing it once again – apparently she plays it on PS5, on PC and on mobile as well!

Looking at the list of character classes on offer now, I was really surprised at how many have been added. This game is seriously growing in options, something that is always nice to see – I like new classes to play.

Maybe twice the classes since I last played BDO seriously…

Seeing just the class ability animations for some of these made me tempted to return, especially if I can sync up with her to level duo – I am a lot more motivated to play MMOs if I have someone to play with regularly. A slight issue is that she is playing on PS5 more, and it looks like cross-platform isn’t a thing. I’m only really interested in playing on PC because I have established characters on my PC account and don’t want to abandon progress to start over. As I’ve written before, I just can’t start from scratch without immediately missing older characters.

Nevertheless, I do think I should give Nova or Corsair a try, both classes look really interesting thematically! Are there any MMOs or other games you are thinking of replaying this month?

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3 Responses to “Games we forgot about”

  1. I also returned to BDO back in March. Corsair is a lot of fun! Also, right now is a Summer Season, so leveling is fast and furious on the Season servers for a while longer yet. It’s a good time to jump back in.

    Thought it’s a bummer to hear there’s no cross play compatibility!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    I keep restarting mmorpgs then dropping them and starting others. I was playing BDO a few months back but then something else pushed it out. It’s a great game to roam around in exploring and very deep if you want to take it seriously but it isn’t great for short sessions, which is pretty much all I’m doing at the moment in any games.

  3. Nimgimli says:

    SWOTOR is one of those games for me. I totally forget it exists then someone reminds me it does. I fire it up, make happy noises because I’d forgotten that I enjoy it then, for some reason, it slides out of my brain again.

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