Gaming moments 2019 #IntPiPoMo

For my last scheduled post in International Picture Posting Month 2019 I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favourite gaming moments from this year. This post has some story spoilers from the get-go so if you’re not playing any MORPGs at the moment you might want to skip this post.

Break the spoilerific chains…

“They broke the sky”, World of Warcraft (retail)

The cinematics team working on retail World of Warcraft continue to produce some amazing dramatisations. The more recent Shadowlands Cinematic trailer has that moment that caused me to “woah!” out loud. A very memorable moment for sure!

Dragon Attack!, Everquest 2

The Dragon Attack event has proven a real draw to my play time, and seems very popular still. This screenshot shows my Warlock having his turn at kills, alongside his rainbow patchwork pet from earlier in the year that I also loved getting this year.

“Yaaaaaaaah!”, Lord of the Rings Online

A recent return to Lord of the Rings Online for some duo fun has reminded how much I enjoy playing the game in a group. In particular taking on this brute of a Troll was a fun fight, though the whole SE corner of Lone-Lands is great in general.

Finished at last!, Divinity Original Sin II (coop)

Worship me!

We finally finished our quartet playthrough of Divinity Original Sin 2 coop just over a week ago. Definitely not a MMORPG, but this game provided a good coop RPG experience. My character, by fluke it seems of who started a particular conversation, even got to ascend to godhood at the end.  By coincidence my earliest screenshot is from November 2017, so our sporadic sessions lasted us two whole years. No wonder we had trouble remembering what was going on at times!

Final Count for IntPiPoMo 2019 51/50.

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