RPGWriterWorkshop priorities

Alongside IntPiPoMo I’ve also spent all of November writing for an e-course that I’ve been taking: RPG Writer Workshop. I’ve been writing my own tabletop rpg adventures, and adapting published ones, for thirty years now but never with an aim beyond personal use in my various campaigns. This course has encouraged me to think seriously about writing for a wider audience.

The course’s structured readings, activities and discussion topics reinforces ideas that I may have known but not consistently put into practice such as structuring and planning an adventure to link events together in a coherent manner. It offers a lot of practical advice by artists in the field on how to design cast characters that are more than paper thin in their motivations and on how to get a party of characters hooked on the adventure in the first place. I have learned a number of good tips and concepts for longer-form writing as well, especially for writing for other gamemasters. We’re about half way through the six week course now. I have a drafted adventure that I’ve edited and improved on an earlier draft I’d worked on over the summer.

It’s quite exciting to be on track to publish this online (via DMs Guild as it’s for D&D) in December. It does mean I may have less time for blogging for the next few weeks as I have to prioritise this project ahead of the usual busy-times that mark the run up to the holidays. I do plan to write some normal MMORPG output in the meantime, but expect some longer gaps in-between.

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