Blaugust ho!

So it’s approaching Blaugust time again, a slightly terrifying revelation as that means the summer is sliding rapidly past. It also means I’m half way through the RPG Writer online course that I’ve been avidly following this month. Blaugust is another annual “encourage lots of writing” event, focused on bloggers and other content creators.

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In theory I should have the RPG Writer event tied up shortly after Blaugust starts, so in time to commit at least somewhat to an increase in blogging activity for this blogging community event. I took part with gusto last year. I’d highly recommend taking part as there is always a veritable flood of posts to spark conversations and reply-post ideas. There’s also the Discord chat platform if desired. See Belghast’s intro post for all the details.

I’ll sign-up as I plan to be blogging anyway; and very helpfully there’s expectation of particularly high post-counts. Certainly any attempt at daily posting is not going to be possible this year. After, in theory, writing a 3500+ word D&D adventure for the above mentioned course, I’ll want a slightly calmer August…



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