A new journey in Middle Earth… #LOTRO #LOTROfamily

…and as per usual I’m not available. Literally the day of my departure for holiday was the launch of the new ‘Legendary’ server for Lord of the Rings Online, a progression server starting back in the classic era of the game. I’ll miss the start of this as stated, hopefully just over a week away won’t mean the starter zones are completely empty by the time I roll up a character.

Tobyas, Oct 2009 on Laurelin

I joined a few years after launch so the early zones were pretty empty when I was playing through them. It would be nice to play through Ered Luin or the Shire and to see other players around me – especially to see some of the instances with, hopefully, more groups readily available.

Enjoy Anor anyone who is playing and I’ll do my best to catchup once I’m back!

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  2. paeroka says:

    I’m sure there’ll be enough players next week. At least, I can imagine people rolling alts at that point or friends following and catching up. šŸ™‚

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