I’ll be away for just over a week from today, very much AFK as I won’t have a gaming device with me the whole time. I’m very much looking forward to a holiday away from the city and work, although I feel like I’m going away at a particularly busy time in the MMO calendar – there’s a lot of events going on at the moment. In the run up to this trip I’ve been so busy I’ve completely ignored all Hallowe’en events for example.

My World of Warcraft token ran out over the weekend so I’ve had an enforced break for a few days, no point wasting over a quarter of that game time. Not that I’ve nothing else to do in the meantime. We pushed through the last of the Orochi Tower in Secret World Legends and saw the introduction to the new South Africa content – finally getting to see what others have been talking about since April!

Exploring new sights!

Anyway, more schedule posts to follow for IntPiPoMo. Happy gaming while I’m gone!

Not the route I’ll be following…

IntPiPoMo total 8/50

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