Save those names #RIFTgame and touching base

I am reminded via Twitter that I should log into my Rift characters to ensure their name is safe in the upcoming release of old names.

So I dutifully patched the game this morning to log my characters in one in turn. We’d played some Rift last year so I expect they were safe anyway, but just in case it’s worth taking the time to check in.

Coincidentally I’d seen Tweets about LOTRO that day and remembered I’m supposed to check in to that game semi-regularly to ensure my Lifetime account receives the stipend of points.

The one game that I usually remember to log into with some frequency, even when I’m not playing actively, is Everquest 2. There are enough little character admin tasks, quick and convenient to do, that draw me back in for a few minutes – like paying their housing rent, and checking on any broker sales.

With so many games in my MMORPG history / list, I could easily see all this as “needy MMO” territory, but in actual fact I prefer to think of it as touching base with cherished characters – even if I don’t immediately play a session when I log in for such tasks, it’s nice to spend a few minutes reminiscing.

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  1. Isey says:

    Lately l have been playing a LOT of EQ2 – more than I ever did at launch. It’s scratching a questing / leveling itch for me. It really is a wonderful game. I barely played LOTRO as well and have had several starts and stops there, but it’s one of those games I think I will end up exploring properly as well. Not in any rush as there isn’t a sense of urgency – none of my friends play it and it’s not like it’s new or I’m getting behind or anything! And of course, RIFT, another “non-starter” for me – although I did buy it – I am not into the Hype of it all right now but am mildly curious whatever happened to it.

    We are spoiled, really, as I am sure with the fun I am having in EQ2 i could also have in Rift or LOTRO – for barely any cost as well (although as a point of principle I always end up giving money if I am enjoying myself). I don’t even really care that there’s not much going on in “new” MMO land.

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