Multiplayer mounts in MMORPGs

We make a lot of use of multiplayer mounts in World of Warcraft, I feel they are a really nice feature of that game. There are two player and three player mounts in the game, giving passengers an easy ride around while the driver does the navigating. It’s been especially helpful in Suramar, where travelling on separate mounts just multiplies up the chance of our illusionary disguises being broken.


The mount pictured above is doubly useful as, when summoned, it has two vendor NPCs in the side saddles (pictured in the foreground) – you eject them to allow party members to ride as passengers. There’s also the wonderful sandstone drake ‘mount’, where the player becomes a flying dragon that another player can ride as passenger.


Water-walking for the win!

Sadly we’ve not had much experience of similar mounts in other games. I think it’s a lovely social feature to allow couples or small groups of friends to travel around like this. I’d particularly like one in SWTOR as I know the leveling zones better than the friends I sometimes play this with, but I couldn’t find any reference to a multiplayer mount in that game.


Towards the end of playing Final Fantasy XIV, I did receive the refer-a-friend mount reward of the draught chocobo; rather ironically we took a break from the game soon after this (summer of 2015) and haven’t been back since. It is a lovely mount though!

I’ve not personally owned or witnessed such mounts in other MMORPGs, but perhaps there are more examples out there?



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3 Responses to Multiplayer mounts in MMORPGs

  1. Shintar says:

    I definitely wish they would introduce something like that in SWTOR; no idea why they haven’t yet. It’s certainly been suggested many times.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    The much-missed Zentia had multiple rider mounts. Can’t offhand think of another MMO I’ve played that had them although I’m sure some of the imports did and I just didn’t notice.

    EQ, of course, had a a very robust /follow command before the game even had any mounts at all and EQ2 has the same. We used to make great use of that – it has the same effect without the visuals.

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