EQ2: Kunark factions and character loyalties

Last night was my first play session in EQ2 since the expansion, Kunark Ascending, launched earlier in the week. I spent the time, just as I have the last few weeks, on levelling and preparing my Inquisitor for the expansion. He’s now level 98, so still one and a bit levels short of the cap. He also has quite a checklist of pre-requisites left to do before he’ll get access to the expansion.

Early steps on the path back to Kunark

Early steps on the path back to Kunark

Out of curiosity I decided to check out my Sarnak Shadowknight, who was my main character for a year or so, to see what he would need to do. During general questing in the Kylong Plains zone, from the game’s original Kunark expansion, I’d seen that Sarnaks are one of factions on the continent. So it got me thinking at least briefly about whether I should revert to this character to play since he’d have a personal motivation to get involved with new events in the continent. Reading others impressions of the expansion thus far I noticed a reference to the quests forcing adventurers to fight against Sarnaks, his own people, that might pose a bit of a dilemma for this character. Although he’s capped already but has even less of the checklist done so I decided to go back to plan A and carry on with the Inquisitor; at least he, as a human, has no particular stake in the age-old Iksar vs Sarnak conflict.


A proud Sarnak

Admittedly it’s rare when I play any MMORPG to really feel like I don’t want my character to do a specific quest. There’s a quest in DDO that I always refused to do on my Paladin since it involved fighting brethren from his own religious order at the orders of a rival zealous faith. In SWTOR skipping missions wasn’t generally an issue, it was more micro-decisions in conversations within missions or instances that might go against one of my characters moral compass. So far in my EQ2 adventures I’ve blithely wandered through the world causing chaos and fixing wrongs, without very deep thoughts about my characters’ place in that world.

Would a Sarnak character be willing to even talk to these NPCs let alone help them?

Would a Sarnak character be willing to even talk to these NPCs let alone help them?

I don’t want spoilers of the new storylines so I’m not delving into this issue until I’ve seen the expansion’s content on my neutral Inquisitor. As a broader issue though, it got me wondering whether major storylines or even whole expansions ever take us on a story path that certain characters might not want to follow at all?

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3 Responses to EQ2: Kunark factions and character loyalties

  1. Meznir says:

    How could you not mention the Blackfeather Ravenbear Boomkin tribe in Stormheim?!? I’m never ever ever going to do that quest chain again :”(

    There’s also a quest in Stormheim where you have to skin a deer. Both my Pandaren and Druid took issue with that one.

  2. Shintar says:

    In SWTOR there was a quest on Coruscant that I refused the first time because it asked you to steal a parcel from a senator’s protocol droid for some political splinter group. It just seemed like entirely the wrong thing to do for a loyal servant of the Republic! Unfortunately that also caused me to miss out on the Gree quest line the first time around, since the mission I skipped also served as the breadcrumb trail to the Gree droids…

  3. bhagpuss says:

    Careful – Minor Spoiler in this comment…

    If you do both the adventure and crafting lines there’s a serious problem with the Goblin faction you need for crafting, too. Having taken the time and effort to raise faction with them, and coming to know and become friendly with several named Goblins, it’s very disconcerting to run into a bizarre adventure quest that asks you to kill goblins and rip out their tongues. What’s more, thnis appears to be a core quest as far as I can see, not just a side quest.

    So far I have refused to do it but if it ends up roadblocking the whole Adventure timeline then I guess I will have to. I love faction work in MMOs (going to do a post on it soon I hope) but I always hated the idea you could just move your faction up and down by killing one faction then killing that faction’s enemies. I think once you turn on a faction and betray it you should be an enemy to that faction for good, unless you do something very specific (like a questline) to atone.

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