WoW: Broken Isles zones – IntPiPoMo 2016 (4)

This post is the fourth in a series this month for International Picture Posting Month, see this post for more details.

Since I’m actually a bit behind my idea of 10 pictures a week for IntPiPoMo, the Gnome Race post was a shorter one, I’m squeezing in a bonus post at the end of this week.

Playing World of Warcraft last night I was playing around taking some screenshots and my husband looked over and commented on just how beautiful the zone/building/lighting/everything design is in the expansion’s zones. Blizzard have outdone themselves this time around. I like all four of the levelling zones for different reasons: lore, questing content or their atmosphere.

1. Stormheim


It seems to rain a lot in Stormheim, so it’s often moody and dour.


That’s not to say the zone lacks its own charm – it has some great quest-giver characters.

2. Highmountain


Highmountain is probably my favourite zone because I really like the Tauren. Of the four starter zones, this zone made me care the most about the characters we were adventuring alongside.


I think Highmountain’s vistas speak for themselves.

3. Val’sharah


Val’sharah is a real contrast of light and dark. The unspoilt areas are really beautiful to explore.


The nightmare corrupted areas are dark and twisted, aptly but annoyingly they’re rather a pain to adventure through.

4. Azsuna


Azsuna is light and open but a sad zone, so much has been lost and ruined here.


There are some memorable little areas though, and the odd touch of humour to lighten the mood.

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