WoW: world quests ahoy!

It was remarkably easy to complete the necessary steps to unlock World Quests on my first level 110 character. Just levelling in various zones had my Druid at the friendly tier of reputation with three of the five required factions (he needed the Valajar and the Nightfallen in Suramar).


I was surprised at how quickly we managed it; admittedly following our more experienced guide helped in terms of what to do and in what order. Suramar looks rather gorgeous as a new zone to explore. We delved into the beginning of that zone’s story to unlock the necessary rep, but didn’t get very far before we were ready to hand in the quest with Khadgar to unlock world quests.


After that we took a quick tour around Highmountain to complete our first set of four world quests. The UI changes to the map that unlock for world quests seem straightforward and informative – it’s particularly nice that you can now ‘zoom in’ on the flight master map to see what world quests are near each flight point. World quests seem to be a good evolution on standard daily quests, in that you can skip a day or even two and still ‘catch-up’ on previous days if you want to.


We also popped into Stormheim to kill a world boss – the dragon Nithogg. The fight wasn’t that difficult for a ranged DPS character – I was easily able to keep out of the lightning and not get hit by his tail-swipe attack.  This type of boss fight has the bonus roll system introduced back in Mists of Pandaria, this time using tokens bought from the NPC near the entrance to Violet Hold in Dalaran. Despite getting only gold for the normal roll, I did get a level 860 helmet on the bonus roll, so I was rather glad I decided to shell out the 1000 resources to buy one!


For now at least, I’m more interested in seeing more of Suramar’s story than in settling into to much of a routine of world quests. I expect we’ll be doing them as part of a varied approach to playing the expansion, but questing and seeing more of the dungeons seems more important to me at the moment.

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