Last game of your life

Syl at MMO Gypsy raised the topic yesterday of what game would you choose as the game to play for the rest of your life, if you had to choose just the one. That’s quite a conundrum!

Unlike many bloggers it seems I haven’t got that much of a nostalgia for pre-online gaming. I played plenty of video games before going online for sure, but I just am not that interested in replaying old single player RPGs or platformers.

So I guess I’d go with one of the many MMORPGs I’d played as my top pick. I’m thinking breadth of gameplay would be the most important content, and actually solo-ability – if I were stuck in a single game, and presumably other gamers were not then inevitably I’d be left behind as the latest expansions or releases distracted the more mobile of gamers.

Although the obvious choice in terms of population and likelihood to last the longest time active would go to World of Warcraft, it’s not actually the game I’m most likely to pick for this thought experiment. World of Warcraft is infinitely polished and good fun to play with friends but, despite the relative ease of soloing most content, I’d not choose to play the game without friends being active to play with.

I guess the game I’d choose to play would be the MMORPG with the broadest PVE content so that I could while away the years on a good mixture of leveling different classes, crafting, housing and other little side-activities. Of the MMORPGs that I’ve tried the two most likely would be Everquest 2 or Lord of the Rings Online simply because they have so much content available.

LOTRO does have some amazing storytelling, and there are several classes I’d love to play more since I’ve only really played Champion to any decent level. The crafting in that MMO is also simple but with enough depth to feel compelling, and the amount of synergy between vocations (crafting professions) is quite a draw for making crafting alts.

But I think I’d plump for Everquest 2 if forced to really choose one, and only one, MMO. It has so much depth of content and systems that I’m likely to never see all of the game that I want to even if I devote all my available game time to it. Unlike WoW, Daybreak seem to have done very little streamlining of content and even less simplification of the game’s systems over the 12 odd years it has been running. I suppose I could hope that the game would continue to be expanded while I play it with singular resolve?

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3 Responses to Last game of your life

  1. bhagpuss says:

    EQ2’s Housing alone could keep you occupied for many years. I think I’d probably go for EQ2 as well because of the sheer variety it offers.

  2. Syl says:

    LOTRO, EQ2 and FFXIV are probably among the most content-heavy MMOs out there right now, WoW aside. So if I ever get to the proverbial island with an internet connection, am gonna roll one of these for sure! 😀

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