WoW: guidance for level 100s

Stargrace has a post up about feeling lost in Warlords of Draenor expansion at the level cap. I can imagine this would be a particular problem for those coming back to the game with the “instant level 100” offer included with the pre-order for the next expansion, Legion.

If you play through Draenor in general it’s a directed leveling experience, there was the odd quest or zone transition that wasn’t very obvious but I have a veteran of the expansion in the same room when playing so I have no issues with what to do next. I do think for players who started late the moment of hitting level 100 is a mess though as suddenly all this extra content is dumped on you without any order or in-game guidance. I imagine it could be overwhelming for soloists.

I can imagine it’s not that obvious what to do in what order though especially when you get a level 3 garrison after leveling to the cap of 100 (instant level 100 characters receive a level 3 garrison automatically). At level 3 your garrison is suddenly filled with quests, both yellow and blue (dailies) and with no easy way of filtering or sorting them other than reading each in turn or filling up your rather small quest allowance (seriously why is it limited to 25 in 2015?). The only modernisation that Blizzard has made to the game’s quest indicators is the addition of a darker orange colour for the legendary ring quests.

Perhaps they should think about overhauling the system for Legion? It would be good to know what quests are expansion story, zone story or side quests for example. Final Fantasy 14 and Wildstar among other MMOs make a deliberate attempt to differentiate between quest types visually.

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