Journeys to cap – a scorecard

My experience of playing most of the MMORPGs that I’ve played over the years has been dominated to some extent by the leveling process. I’ve never been much of an “end-game” player and I usually end up playing multiple characters in any game that I play so leveling (new) characters has often been kind of my end-game.

That said I actually haven’t managed to ‘cap’ characters in that many MMOs, I think the quality of the questing, the variety of activities and the amount of other players around me in the leveling zones all have influenced just how far I’ve climbed up the leveling-ladder in a given game. Here’s a quick scorecard of just how close I’ve gotten to cap on my highest and second highest character for each of the MMOs I have covered on this blog.

MMORPG Level cap Highest characters Characters at cap
DDO 30  10 0
EQ2  100  96, 95 0
ESO  50  10 0
FFXIV  60  50 0
Guild Wars  20  20, 14 1
Guild Wars 2  80  80, 55 1
LOTRO  100 83, 26 0
Neverwinter  70  60, 60 0
Rift  65  52 0
STO  60  51 0
SWTOR  65  65 1
Tera 65  41 0
TSW QL10  QL10.1 n/a
Wildstar 50  26 0
WoW 100  100, 94 1

On face value that’s not a very good score really (4 out of 15 games). Starting with the bottom of the list, the MMO I have played the longest, in WoW I have had multiple characters at cap several times over the years, the highest was probably during the Wrath era (cap 80) when I had five characters at cap.

As is typical for many MMO players, I’ve reached cap most often in games that I play with friends. In Neverwinter I have three level 60 characters but we drifted away from that game before the cap increase and I haven’t played it solo since then. Both Guild Wars games allowed for a fast journey to the cap, so it’s no surprise I made it all the way on one character in both. I have plenty of alts in Guild Wars 2 but haven’t returned much to level them since friends and family aren’t playing any more.

Otherwise the games I have reached cap in happen to have strong story and good solo-ability – both FFXIV and SWTOR have combat companions on all characters and plenty of good story-led content to experience. Although we haven’t played Heavensward we did reach the old game cap on our one character in Final Fantasy, the game encourages “all classes on one character” so I’m not likely to ever have an alt in Eorzea. I’ve reached the cap several times in SWTOR, I currently have one at cap and two more at the previous level 60 cap.

The Secret World is a bit of an outlier, the game doesn’t have levels. We’ve geared our characters to QL 10 out of 10 but character development continues in the latest content with the Augment and Aegis systems. Gear does also continue to progress in smaller increments – there is certainly a lot more gear upgrading to be done so by that measure I guess we’re not ‘capped’ yet.

Two zeroes on the scorecard are stubbornly present year on year, two games I am very fond of but that represent a colossal climb to cap – Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). I really want to get a character to cap in those two games but the leveling speed is just too slow for me to stick at them for that long. I do have a host of adds in both games that I enjoy playing, the ponderous leveling speed is no doubt to blame for that.

Have you capped characters in many MMORPGs?

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5 Responses to Journeys to cap – a scorecard

  1. My score isn’t that different from yours, honestly. I’ve at least tried pretty much every major MMO on the market, plus a couple more obscure titles, but I don’t have that many at cap.

    I’ve got two max level characters in WoW at the moment, though mostly I’m only playing my rogue. This is quite scaled back for me. Back in Cata, I had four max level characters I played regularly, whereas in MoP I had three and one character that hit max level but never really did much afterward. I do hope to at least get my monk to 100 before Legion hits.

    TSW, as you say, is an odd case. I guess in so much as it even has a level cap, I have two characters who have reached it: my Dragon and my Templar, who are both in Tokyo and kitted in full QL10 (or higher) epics.

    I have a level 80 thief in GW2, but I haven’t played that game in any serious way for a very long time. My ranger in Neverwinter was level-capped back when I played, but the cap has been raised since then. I’m nowhere near level cap in Defiance, but leveling doesn’t mean much in that game, and I have completed most of its content.

    This of course does not take into account the small army of mid-level alts I have scattered across the MMOverse. In WoW alone, I’ve tried every class at least once, and as well as every race except Gnomes.

    • Sylow says:

      On TSW:
      Based on your definition, i think there is not a single player “at cap” and probably will never be.

      There might be some few people who grinded and learned all augments, although the developers stated that they intended augments to be “there” for years to come, should not be grinded and will never be essential for gameplay. (They were just shy of saying “this is to keep all grinders happy, without having any actual influence on the game”. ) But even if some people actually grinded their augments to 100% i don’t think anybody could have a full selection of custom weapons and talismans, in all useful combinations of glyphs and signets, all at maximum. (We’re be speaking about 290k of Mark of Patheon and about 3.9 million Black Bullion there… that should keep the worst grinder busy for years… although nobody ever needs that, unless he wants to have the “best correct gear” for everythig in the game, which is utter overkill. )

      • Telwyn says:

        It’s very hard to compare of course. In most games with levels you can cap a character and not touch the ‘end-game’ gear grind that almost always follows. In TSW I do have at least QL10 on all my gear slots but that’s not necessarily comparable.

  2. Shintar says:

    I was going to say you were being quite hard on yourself there, considering that in some games you did have characters at the cap until they raised it, so I’m glad you elaborated on that yourself. (They raised Neverwinter’s cap to 70 btw, not 65.)

    EQ2 and LOTRO really stand out as you clearly got quite invested to level up that far, but always just out of reach of the level cap it seems…

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the correction. Yeah, it’s a constant source of annoyance that I’ve not managed to cap either game, I may have to add that to my New Year’s resolution’s list…

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